About Hannah

HI There,

I’m humbled that you’re here…Thankyou!

Do you mind if I introduce myself?

My passion is to connect with women of all ages and demographics in a way that is authentic, simple, and relatable. I desire to ignite an understanding, so women live with value and a knowing, that God is unconditional love and has great purpose and intention for all His daughters-regardless of their mistakes and stories.

I’m not afraid of tackling some of the harder issues surrounding womanhood, marriage, parenting and being a Christ follower, as I feel vulnerability, armed with scripture, means you can’t go wrong!

I’ve fallen hard, many times, and use my stories sensitively, but openly, so women know they are never alone on their journeys.

My husband, and I, have been in ministry since we made vows in 2001 and love it. I never felt I quite fitted the ‘traditional’ mould as a Pastors wife, as I didn’t grow up in the church-I can giggle at my mistakes now and use them with humor to add to my stories. The years of being in ministry have taught me a lot about myself, but I understand at the core- it’s Christ who brings personal transformation.

An opportunity opened up in 2011 to move to Canada to serve. It was there that the Lord started to stir and whisper that He wanted the Pastor I call Husband, and I, along with our three children (one who happens to be Intellectually Disabled), to return to Sydney and start an international, simple church movement known as Three Rivers.(threerivers.org.au)

So we packed up our lives, returned home to six other courageous people who jumped on board with the vision, and haven’t looked back since.

I’m a trained Welfare Worker and worked professionally in this qualification during my twenties; I did however, feel prompted to branch away from the industry and train myself in Television Presenting and Radio where I worked professionally prior to my move to Canada. My love for teaching women never subsided which is why I began this blog. I’ve had many articles published with numerous magazines such as Women Alive, Indulge Magazine and Global Concern to name a few. I combine my passions for the purpose of speaking publically and reaching out to women through written words.

Bless You Friend,
Hann Blog Clarissa

2 thoughts on “About Hannah

  1. Hi Hannah – Wendy Mears here. just read your story about reconciling with your grandmother. How wonderful. Life is so short and to have a gap in any relationship, be it family or friend, can hurt, even after many years. To read how you persevered because of your love of God and your love for her was just lovely. Thank you for sharing that. I don’t often get time to look at ‘linkedín” or facebook or any of the social media thingees, but this one caught my eye. Trust things are going well for you and Andrew and your 3 lovely children in Canada. We did not get to go there – yet – may be in a year or two. This year we cruised from Sydney to London, 53 days and it was wonderful. We met some lovely people, had bible study every sea day and over 350 at both Sunday church services. God was at work and we trust Him now to prompt us to follow up with the people we met to share Jesus with them. God’s Best to you and your lovely family.

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