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I have some very exciting news! We have evolved due to my new book ‘Ravishing,’ being released this month.

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God is so great and doing the past few years with this community has helped inspired me to write this book-Thank you guys. Your quiet emails of sharing your heart and digging deeper into God has been a huge encouragement-Would honestly love to stay connected with each one of you as you’be played a beautiful part to the story!

Let’s keep continuing this grace journey together…

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The Choices we Make.

It was the morning I had received an email from a man who had typed words stating that “He can no longer pray for me. He didn’t support my position next to my husband and therefore, was withdrawing his petitions on my behalf, to God.” I had nothing to say. Later that day, I found myself on the phone speaking to a trusted friend, you see prior to receiving that email, I had been suffering with the ‘vulnerability hangover’ (thanks Brene Brown) due to the book I have written which has been proposed to be released next year.

“I don’t think I can actually go through with it.” The words came out like a pile of mess, which had been tormenting me since having a meeting with the publishing house.”It’s just so honest and people can be so cruel. I know this far too well as I have the battle scars to prove it.” There was silence for a moment “And most of that criticism and ridicule has come from people who vow to love God.”  My words were tangled in confusion, but out of my heart and into the head of someone else bringing a sense of relief. We chatted about this for a little while longer, I hung up the phone feeling a tad more courageous, because a good friend will instill truth to her mate, so she remains and walks out, the calling on her life-regardless of the ask.

It had dawned on me when I hung up the phone, that I had made this more about me, then about God. I don’t have a reputation to uphold, but I do have a story, like you, that can testify to grace and relentless love. I could live in the judgement of others by staying caged in their opinions, or I could use the opportunity to reach out and help another along the way, I silently thought to myself.

However that requires courage, divine courage that will strengthen any servant girl to pursue the call on her life. For when we are found in him, then we are found in love and when we are found in heavenly love, then we immerse ourselves in freedom. Perspective changes and lives can reach their full potential, because it’s about God and not about our self.


God imparts conviction, we get lost in distraction.

For distraction wraps itself in deception and deception is filled with lies. So we can find our self in a waging war, the enemy begging us for his attention. And it’s easy to go off course- it’s generally done subtly, we swallow one lie, digest it before we believe another one. And before we know it, we can be paralyzed in fear with a head full of noise and clutter, leaving us with only one choice.

Do we stay captive, or do we cling to the promises of God so we have fresh hope?

Isn’t each day about living in the choices we make?

So here was I, in a mind-set, that begged me to make a decision, because I was loosing my footing, but I know that I’m not a girl to go down without a fight.

It was time to rise and become a warrior for kingdom matters.

You too, have choices to make.

You see servant girl, the truth is, the enemy despises the call on your life. He know’s that you have purpose and a destiny that will build God’s kingdom, so he will press the buttons in your life that will make you self-doubt and self loathe who you are, because that will grab your attention and keep it.

And who can be proactive and others focused when our attention in on our self?

If you, like me, have been caught in a battle, then I am here to tell you, that it’s time to have victory. For you are worth far more than the silent lies that have been fed to your mind, but you must gain control over your thoughts and your desire for change, must be greater than the apathy which is keeping you stagnant.

So will you join me in rising up, will find the audacity and strength to keep on keeping on?

For you have been fashioned with intention, gifts, talents and desires for such a time as this.

Stay the course friend, cling to Jesus and walk into your ordained days with grace, strength and boldness.

Ever Felt Displaced?

sept 2015

Have you ever felt displaced?

The type of feeling where you just don’t.quite.fit.in?

Oh, it may only be one degree of separation from those surrounding you, but that tearing is just enough to make you want to become invisible at times. A nagging feeling fills the pit of your stomach causing angst, you try to ignore the pull which brings you down…even if it’s just a little bit, but it lingers.

You might be in a room filled with people who you’ve known you’re whole life, yet the truth be known, they are strangers to you and you to them.

Or you hold the attention of those around you in social settings, oozing confidence, yet if you’re truthful, you’re the loneliest woman standing in front of others who would never suspect.


The lack of finding a home, a tribe, where you identify with others and they identify with you.

There are barriers, some you can’t express or put language to, as they are unintentional and others you have built which are blind spots in your life and work as a repellant towards those who attempt to connect with you. They barb and spike people and send them retreating quietly but quickly.

The girl who is willing to look at her blind spots by getting on her knees and asking God to reveal them, is the girl who reflects great courage and strength.

And if you’re really honest, you might fess up to being the servant girl who deliberately places a wedge between yourself and friends, as you use distance to protect your heart. You hate the thought of being displaced but what scares you even more… is to be deeply known by someone.

This breeds a cycle which spins around and around which contributes and heightens your feelings of not belonging, but isn’t that safer then being known?

For being known, seen and loved by another, runs at a risk of being hurt, for revealing your heart requires authenticity, and authenticity demands truth. And who in the world really wants to be truthful?

So you submit to fear and the enemy who brings it to you, permitting the lies to swirl around your mind, you listen to the snickers and believe the quiet whisper’s. You swallow the deceit like a pill which is digested deep within, and what we allow to be planted in our lives is manifested through thinking, behaviour and actions -it’s an outpouring.

You hear the word ‘courage’ and believe it’s for everyone else,

You hear about being ‘valued’ yet that’s for the girl next door,

You hear stories of others having their hearts healed, but that’s not for you, surely not?

Yet the truth is, you have been formed for relationship, connection and a joyous life.

Isn’t that why Jesus left the heavens and came to earth?

Isn’t that what Christianity is built on?


So I beg you friend, if you, like me, have felt displaced, than I pray, that you have the courage of a lion to rise and face the demons which keep you chained up, to rebuke the fear which wants to settle in your life, to smash the walls which keep you caged, to call out to the God of the Universe who leans in and hears the cries of his daughters, and live in friendships that are full of joy and satisfy the innate and very real feeling of needing a place to seen, heard, known and loved.

(photo by Tana Makmanee )

Fear and Trust don’t live together.

I saw bravery last week when a set of blue eyes looked deep into mine, gazed straight at me and without a word spoke a million. Life had caused a harsh blow and winded my friend Alice, bruised her soul and made the world she lived in a little dimmer. Her pain ran deep, so deep that the gush she nurtured bled liquid red -her heart was in ruins. The debris scattered and she was madly trying to put the pieces back together believing that order would alleviate her pain. Yet part of her was angry, infuriated actually, as she felt her prayers had fallen on a deaf God when she had pleaded “No” and He said “Yes.”

Ever experienced that? Faced the opposite to what your prayers had uttered in the black of night?


Time has been spent begging for the complete opposite to what life is throwing you and you feel like you’re in quick sand, sinking at a rapid speed.

Fear not Servant Girl.

So what do you do when you feel like your expectations haven’t been met by God?

When you feel like the world is caving in and the darkness seems a little overbearing?

When your load is about to break you?

I’ve been there you know, in the place where you feel abandoned rather than embraced by the God of the Universe. Had thoughts that my ways were better than His, but that on reflection, is me living in a place of fear.

For when I abandon trust, I choose to pick up fear.

It takes courage to admit that, the same courage I saw in Alice. You see she had to place down her niceties next to the mask she admitted to wearing which was hiding the ‘real’ her as we sipped our lattes.

And I must admit, I’m as guilty as charged too, as wearing my mask is much easier at times, as it hides my ugly stories and the state of my heart. It protects me from the potential reaction I could receive if someone actually knew what I really thought or have really done or what I’m struggling with.

Another place where fear can slide in and settle…

So barriers stay erected as they are safe and life becomes predictable-easier really, but does that mean I’m allowing the potential judgement of others to imprison the person I actually am? Because what I’m saying, is that I’m more concerned about what they think, then the truth of my situation.

Vulnerability is for the brave hearted…

It is for the servant girl who wants to say “No” to hiding and “Yes” to showing her authentic self.

It’s for the woman who is willing to embrace who she is -warts and all, but she’s even stronger when she is willing to make changes to the warts so they live in  her no longer.

You see God can start working on a heart that is willing to change, but a heart of stone, well who can reshape that?

My friend, when life is howling and your boat is on a rocky ocean and you feel one more wave will break you, fear not, for even in a raging storm peace can be felt.

When life has been unpredictable and the pain is raw and real, fall, fall, at the feet of Jesus and receive peace. Grab a hold of Him with both hands and relentlessly pursue His ways and trust, breathe deep and commit to the decision, regardless of the outcome.

For where trust lives, fear does not…

He sees you and He won’t let go- You’re far too loved for that.

Cling to Him with all your might and believe that you have not been forgotten, abandoned or left behind-for you are His precious daughter, His Servant Girl who can have her situation turned from hopeless to hope filled, regardless of where the journey takes you…




Half and Half

I walked towards the gate of Sunny’s new school this morning, behind the bars was an enclosed area for children to sit. My eyes found four children in wheelchairs. One little boy dangled bare feet from his chair, while another had his eyes closed and dribbled quietly in the corner of the school yard.

I gulped, took a breath, this is now where my boy ‘belongs.’ I had a revelation in that moment, in the moment I shut the gate behind me. The severity of Sunny’s disability is worse than I thought. I heard a conversation in my head replay itself. “He can’t go to the local school, it doesn’t accommodate for his needs-this school will be a better match.”

I felt my eyes prick with tears and my heart cracked just a little bit more. I cleared my throat and saw a teacher, introduced myself and felt my chin quiver. I could barely speak, “This is Sunny and it’s his first day here.” The warm, smiling face directed us to his classroom. I felt his hand touch mine, as he became scared, a child was walking towards us screaming, another was wearing ear phones to keep the noise of the world out. I try to still the noise in my head. “Hold it together Hannah. Hold.It.Together.”

I slide the glass door open to find his teacher calming more crying children in the classroom. I hung up Sunny’s bag, pulled diapers out and placed them on his desk and then put his lunch in the fridge. I stood wide-eyed and looking around, doing my best to ooze positivity. A short amount of time passes and I knew it was inevitable, I must leave for the day.

I found my car, placed keys in the ignition and turned it on. I can’t hold it in, I break, sob silently.

I feel plain sad.

My grief caught me and took my breath away. I actually tried to stop the tears, as it was the first day that I was actually wearing make up, and of course it was now down my cheeks. “Typical”  I think to myself- my sense of humour stops me from weeping for a moment.

Ever had an expectation that never quite came off?

Before Sunny was born, I thought he’d be ‘normal and healthy.’ The reality is, he’s six, wears diapers full-time, can’t have a proper conversation with me, has melt downs constantly in public where I would like to tell people to “Please stop staring as we are not a circus” and my life, my family’s life is strained daily.

Would I change him, not for one second, can I be human and have a real moment? Absolutely!

Can you relate?

Ever had a picture in your head, of what the future would look like and it’s very different to the reality that you’re living in today?

Marriage, that man who you promised forever to has crushed your heart, robbed you of the dreams you carried as you walked down the aisle towards him. You remember you were smiling big, filled with passion and excitement for life and your future together.  Yet, here you are today, in your quiet thoughts which are filled with disappointment and hurt for the way it’s all worked out. You nurse the daily feeling of abandonment which has destroyed your worth. You find yourself laying in bed at night, alone and isolated blinking into darkness as you stare at the ceiling trying to figure out just went wrong.

The job, that was going to satisfy your thirst, actually keeps you wanting for more, as you can’t believe that this is actually it-the hard work, you’re at the top, yet there’s a desire, a pining for something greater.

The house, the clothes, the money, the figure, the botox, the boat, the babies,the whatever it is, still requires you to ask the question “Is this it?”

There’s  a hole, it’s empty and begging to be filled, you scramble, I scramble, What can fill it? Who can fill it? How much does it cost to fill it?

Where can I find that deep peace and have it living in me regardless of circumstance and situation?

I emailed a friend this week, told her that when I’m living with my cup half empty, then my peace is stolen, I become overwhelmed, use words that sting, sigh a lot, roll my eyes and see the world as all too hard. So what I’ve learnt, is my cup half empty, actually equates to me not centring myself on God. I forget that he can steady my shaking world, calm my soul when its wild like the ocean and fill the hole which makes me whole.

When my eyes are up, then life can throw whatever it likes at me. My scrambling for something more ceases, and I find my heart is strengthened. My situation that seems hopeless has hope and I can smile with certainty at my future.

sunny pouring

So this week, this month, this year, is to keep my cup half full and never half empty, because God only intends for us to live life to its fullest which actually doesn’t create a cup half full at all, it actually makes our cup over flowing and brimming and that’s the type of life I desire.

Do you?

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Walking out of the wilderness together-YES we can!

What happens when we find our self in the wilderness? 

The place where life seems barren and dry and without…Hope

It’s a Tuesday afternoon here in sunny Sydney. I have my hair thrown up in a messy bun, have nothing on my feet, and I pack boxes for our move North. I pick up baking tins and robotically place them in old cartons, praying they wont give way and fall on my toes. I find myself listening to a sermon, and from the very first sentence dissolve into tears. Conviction. This year, on reflection, I think I’ve allowed myself to feel a sense of hopelessness in the exact area that God has promised hope in.

Sounds confusing doesn’t it?

Well, maybe not that confusing, as we know the old story of the relentless snake who does his best to infect our purposes with poison, his intention is to destroy and derail all that God intends for us as Servant Girls. The serpent will slither his way into our dreams, and across our path, so we trip and lose focus of the race that we are running.

Dec 2nd

His ways are conniving, cunning and dare I say subtle.

At times we wont recognise the part he’s playing, as he dresses himself in disguises that can be so appealing, he comes dripping in honey that will seem so tempting to taste.

He blinds us in lies which can lead us down a slippery path of destruction.

We justify our actions by building up our case that we have control, and dabbling isn’t going to bring much harm.

So we find ourselves, flirting with danger, pushing perimeter’s and dancing on the edge of boundaries, thinking that our choices wont impact our lives or those around us.

Yet, when we listen to the lies of the enemy (instead of giving them back to Jesus) we allow them to become thoughts, unharnessed thoughts become our way of thinking, our way of thinking settles into our heart, and out of the heart flows our actions and words…

It then becomes important, no vital, that we recognise what comes from God and what does not, so we don’t stray from the course that is set before us.

Life is filled with “crossroad moments” which is why our navigational system must be reset daily. Our decisions must point us in the right direction-heaven bound.

For when we take a wrong turn, then that’s the beginning of taking a small step away from innocence.

This journey, should it not be rectified, will take all sorts of twists and turns, which will eventually lead us into a desert. For a desert place, is known where we feel distant from God, alone, angry, isolated, filled with self-doubt or self loathing. The place where our words are not harnessed, and we react to life rather than living life in its fullness.

So I beg you friend, stop and listen to the thoughts that swirl around in your mind, get insight into what’s going on, pay attention to what you’re dwelling on and ask… Does this thought bring life or death?

(FROM ME TO YOU) Hi Friend, I know its been a while since I’ve penned words. The trouble is, I’ve believed that my blog has had no significance or impact which is why I’ve shied away from writing, but guess what, it’s not about ME-PHEW!!! It’s about God and he has whispered and commanded SO here I am, back on the horse and excited to keep on keeping on. Thanks for your patience as I’ve walked a dry season which will now bring fruit!

If I could offer you any daily encouragement to stay the course for Jesus, then I’d love to so. You can also meet my family and friends. I’m on instagram Hannah00Bryant or simply follow this link threerivers.ihubapp.org



Which Way?

“God, I need your help.” The prayer is silent as lay quietly next to my sleeping husband who is in a deep slumber. I can see the silhouette of his body, his chest rises and falls rhythmically as he breathes gently. I lay awake, blinking into darkness trying to put pieces of the puzzle together. Trying to figure out Heavenly intentions over personal desires.

Opportunities which have been unexpected, turn up in my inbox in black, bolded letters, filled with promise and hope, highlighting a new path that could be taken. Exciting and thrilling, but have I pushed for something and received it, as I’ve pursued out of fear? Or are doors opening because there are other intentions for me? Answers to questions about where I’m headed.

I must seek, open my heart with a willingness to hear. Yet this is the place where I need to be daring, as when I ask God for his answers, then there must be a willingness to lay my self down a little more each time, as his ways may not be my ways, and I must recognise not all opportunities are the best options.

I must be willing to face disappointment, as the journey I have imagined just might take a twist and turn and head in a completely different direction, as Heavenly intent is much more valuable and crucial than self gratification.

We have all be formed and etched with dreams, passions, and desires, but the importance of matching them up with God’s plans is extremely vital, as He will lead us into the most satisfying place, he will make the adventure worth pursuing, where we encounter scenery that is completely unexpected, yet beautifully rich, as He has been the one guiding our path to the place where we need to be.

true north 1

There’s a release, a pressure taken off our soul when we hand over control to Christ. As His plans are never to harm us, but only enhance this crazy journey we are all on called- life.

For hanging onto control is usually stemmed by fear.

We want a particular outcome because of certain reasons, we are bent with a bias, and giving that over can be plain scary. The fear can grip our heart and dominate our decisions, which breeds a certain behaviour that can trap us into a cycle which can spiral us into chaos.

All of a sudden, our decision making process is governed by a particular feeling, and we are white knuckled, fists clenched as the reigns of life are being held tightly, because at the end of the day…we don’t trust in God enough to let go.

So we endure the ride, living in our decisions and wondering why we live with such anxiety and angst as we stare down the barrel into our future. We are in constant problem solving mode, analysing, and coming up with solutions so we can find some internal ease.

We find peace momentarily, but that’s all it is, as life throws us curve balls constantly, balls which are unpredicted and obviously not anticipated. So we enter back into the spinning, as we are living in a whirlwind which is created by our lack of willingness, to let go and let God do what he needs to do.

It’s when we get to a place, when quiet moments call us to reflect, or being woken in the still of night to think further, or we react in an unexpectant way in a situation because of stress, that we realise, that.we.may.not.have.all.the.answers.- as peace has been robbed and lived without.

That’s when questions require answers, satisfying answers, that will keep us poised and calm regardless of our current situation.

Answers that equate to a peace that nourishes our soul in good times, dark times and all that is in-between.

Answers that can water our parched souls when life is enduring a draught.

Answers that can reset our compass so we are traveling ‘truth north’ again.

You see Jesus, patient, gentle, loving Jesus, who’s eyes light up at the sound of your name, who can number the hair on your head, who understands you better than yourself, who adores you exactly as you are, wants and knows the best intentions for your life. He can see what we cannot, and gives clarity and will set our path straight. He gives solutions and answers that are the very best for you, should you ask.

But, that’s just it…

Are you willing to ask?

And if so,

Are you prepared to listen to the answer and act?

Pastor’s Wives need a Friend too…

“Yeah, but who cares for you, cares for AB?” I was struck by this question as it is the first time in thirteen years of ministry that I can remember someone asking such a specific question, a question which held such insight, such gentleness and care.

Over the years of being in ministry, I’ve had conversations with other Pastor’s wives about the way they journey through life, normally it’s a hard conversation to pry open to get a heartfelt response, as any person who has walked the ministry path has typically been burnt by multiple people within the church walls, which leaves a battle scar on her heart as a reminder, not to fully trust. To go to a certain stage in a relationship and then play it safe.

For we Pastors wives, seem to be at the brunt of many conversations while women sip coffee and talk about their opinions on how we are performing in our role. It’s not always negative feedback, but regardless, the matter still stands, our name is attached to how we are perceived and words are – with other people’s personal thoughts and perspective of who we are.

It’s like we are a product that can be consumed and passed around for everyone to taste and evaluate.

It can be forgotten that we are girls, with real hearts, real feelings and No we are not bullet proof.


cat-hann-cronaSEPTEMBER BLOG

Gai blog septHann and Rob


We can be dissected in many ways, by our character, what commitments we have made to ministry roles-over committed or not committed enough, we are too vulnerable or not authentic enough, we should be doing this, instead of doing that, the clothes that we choose to wear, how we spend our money, the way we parent, do marriage…do life.

All because of the man that we chose to marry.

Saying “Yes” to marrying a man who works inside the church is saying “Yes” to a life where a wife lives in a fishbowl where she is automatically scrutinized and judged.  I often believe that this is done subconsciously by parishioners and not with ill intention, however she isn’t a possession, she is a person and must be treated so.

If you’re feeling let down by your Pastors wife, then reality is, she hasn’t met your expectations and you feel disappointed, but she too is just like you- a woman on a journey, a wife navigating marriage, possibly a mother raising children. Her life may be filled with other commitments that demand her time, and then the church which I’ve called a vortex at times, places its needs upon her shoulders, which come in many ways which are typically demanding, heavy and often lonely.

So as a friend, a sister, a servant girl, ask the question of how you can serve your Pastors wife(s) as that question is rarely asked.

 Allow her to be a woman, on her journey where she can be real, and nut out life the way you are doing. Give her permission to be vulnerable, but treat her honesty with grace and respect like you would any other friend. For she too was built with purpose and intention and maybe, just maybe- children’s ministry isn’t for her!

 If she gives you a gift of being transparent, where she takes a risk and lets you in to her life, then you have to guard it with your whole heart.  It is very rare to find someone, who understands how to keep conversations completely confidential (and that means not talking to your husband and best friend, about what she has shared with you).

Pastor’s wives, need friends to be vaults and to see them as girls figuring out their life, just as much as anyone else. Their hearts can bruised and battered and in need of nurturing, but sometimes it’s scary to talk about these issues, because they have taken a risk before and been burnt badly by gossip or being judged or they have a knowing within their heart, that they have been placed in a box which is neat and tidy.

And don’t ever put her on a pedestal as she will come crashing off it at some point, because she is human and may disappoint you. Pedestals don’t interest women who love Jesus anyway, as their life is about Him- not accolades.

So friends, don’t be scared in loving the woman who partners with her husband in ministry, give her the gift of being trustworthy, and a mate who sees the best in her, as she will fall over and scrape her knees just like you do.

Give her grace and provide a safe place where she is seen as a person, not married to a man with a title, pick her up and dust her down when she’s fallen over and love her, for she needs that to last the distance.

I HOPE THIS GIVES YOU A GIGGLE– 60 seconds of fun with the Pastor I call Husband. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VWqTicxv

OR Here is my story with my girlfriend on how we got to start Three Rivers http://vimeo.com/107988432



The helpless moment tugged at my mother’s heart, stirring intense emotion within. The second you realise that Sunny (my Intellectually Disabled son-for those of you new to our community) looked around at his peers, and for the first time had a veil taken off his eyes to realise that he is…different. Not quite the same, behind and not able to keep up.

That has been the journey I’ve been on these past few weeks. Almost every time I’ve changed his soiled diaper, he reminds me, as he lays sprawled out, that he is “Not a baby.”

“No you’re not mate, you’re a big boy.” I hear myself say. He will normally finish the simple conversation, by telling me that I am beautiful.

What I hear him saying, but just hasn’t got the ability to do so, is Thank you Mom for changing me, because I sorta get that other kids my height wear big boy underwear and I do not. He is embarrassed that he wears diapers as a six years old.

Aug 5

aug 565

aug 555

So here I was, at the school where my children attend, and the Kindergarter’s begin spilling out from backstage to do their performance. Eager mothers take photos and nudge one another in pure delight, as their little darlings are dressed up as cats and have begun skipping to the beat of the music. Sunny came out and my mammas heart burst with pride, wishing those in Canada who traveled so closely with us, could see just how much he’s progressed in seven months.

He sees me and waves, while smiling big. He remembers the first few moves, but all of a sudden stops, paralyzed by fear and was unable to communicate to his dance partner that he’s forgotten the pre-rehearsed moves. He looks around dismayed and fear filled and is unable to follow the simple promptings by the other children. He looked completely overwhelmed and ashamed which split my heart in two.

He tries to continue, but ends up looking down embarrassed and begins to silently weep. He uses his thumb and index finger to wipe away tears which splash onto his flushed cheeks. He is so upset that he needs to shut the world out, and does so, by putting his face in hands and stands there while the others keep skipping and twirling around.

The world kept going, but his fear stopped him from moving forward.

Can you relate?

He was heartbroken, confused and had no way of articulating or communicating what was going on in his mind. Teachers ran on stage to comfort him. Other mothers around me wept.

It was a dreadful situation.

I had insight as his mom to what I was seeing. He knew for the first time in his life, that he didn’t quite belong. I just knew it in my heart of hearts.

He had a moment which we’ve all faced, when we’ve been somewhere, at some point, and we have walked away from the situation feeling completely deflated and inadequate, as we felt like we were not quite.good.enough.

Didn’t have the same amount of money as those in the social circles that were blessed by your company,

Didn’t ‘wear the right clothes’ as the other ladies and felt uncomfortable,

Didn’t feel like you were quite as beautiful as the other girls who posed for the photo to flash on facebook,

Didn’t keep up with the conversation that had taken place over coffee, and your quiet thoughts told you that your weren’t intelligent enough.

Not good enough. Not good enough. Not good enough.

How many times do we undervalue our womanhood because we believe that harsh lie?

We’ve place unrealistic expectations on ourselves to maintain a certain image, shortcutting the actual woman God has made us to be.

We’ve chased ‘things’ that we have believed will make us fulfilled, which subtly breaks a little piece off our heart each time.

That’s because we are looking into a broken mirror. A mirror shaped by culture which tells us we are never enough which in turn reflects a broken image which we have chosen to accept.

You, I, we, have sold ourselves short and damaged our self-esteem along the way as we’ve swallowed the lie, the pill which says we are not enough because we don’t have…

This forms feelings of unworthiness, which can imprison us to lies deflating our worth. This breaks the Father’s heart, as He built us, you, with a particular purpose, fashioned us uniquely and with great intention.

Are we not insulting His handcraftsmanship when we live in a place of discontentment and strive to be someone we are not meant to be?

There is only one you and YOU should not be ashamed of the curves of your body, the freckles on your face, the wrinkles that dignify you, the colour of your skin, the type of sweaters that keep you warm, the car that you drive, the house where you live, the gifts that have been entrusted to You, for He, the Maker, has given them to you to use for His glory.

Friends, never ever, play the comparison game, the game that poisons our soul and keeps us on a journey which will destroy our heart and joy.

For You are one of a kind and the world needs you to be…YOU.

Bless you Servant Girls and know that I pray for you. I feel honored and privileged that you are here with me on the road, which leads home.

You ARE Beautiful.