Ravishing-the book

Hello Lovely Community,

I have some very exciting news! We have evolved due to my new book ‘Ravishing,’ being released this month.

I will be communicating through my new website, where you can hear updated interviews, watch videos and stay connected.

Website address: Hannahbryant.com

Instagram Account:@Ravishingcollective

(This is a secret BUT to launch the new Instagram account I’ll be giving away a few copies of my book in the very near future!)

If you miss out, don’t despair, you’re welcome to purchase the book through  Hannahbryant.com or Koorong.com

God is so great and doing the past few years with this community has helped inspired me to write this book-Thank you guys. Your quiet emails of sharing your heart and digging deeper into God has been a huge encouragement-Would honestly love to stay connected with each one of you as you’be played a beautiful part to the story!

Let’s keep continuing this grace journey together…

Bless you,



Media release




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