The Choices we Make.

It was the morning I had received an email from a man who had typed words stating that “He can no longer pray for me. He didn’t support my position next to my husband and therefore, was withdrawing his petitions on my behalf, to God.” I had nothing to say. Later that day, I found myself on the phone speaking to a trusted friend, you see prior to receiving that email, I had been suffering with the ‘vulnerability hangover’ (thanks Brene Brown) due to the book I have written which has been proposed to be released next year.

“I don’t think I can actually go through with it.” The words came out like a pile of mess, which had been tormenting me since having a meeting with the publishing house.”It’s just so honest and people can be so cruel. I know this far too well as I have the battle scars to prove it.” There was silence for a moment “And most of that criticism and ridicule has come from people who vow to love God.”  My words were tangled in confusion, but out of my heart and into the head of someone else bringing a sense of relief. We chatted about this for a little while longer, I hung up the phone feeling a tad more courageous, because a good friend will instill truth to her mate, so she remains and walks out, the calling on her life-regardless of the ask.

It had dawned on me when I hung up the phone, that I had made this more about me, then about God. I don’t have a reputation to uphold, but I do have a story, like you, that can testify to grace and relentless love. I could live in the judgement of others by staying caged in their opinions, or I could use the opportunity to reach out and help another along the way, I silently thought to myself.

However that requires courage, divine courage that will strengthen any servant girl to pursue the call on her life. For when we are found in him, then we are found in love and when we are found in heavenly love, then we immerse ourselves in freedom. Perspective changes and lives can reach their full potential, because it’s about God and not about our self.


God imparts conviction, we get lost in distraction.

For distraction wraps itself in deception and deception is filled with lies. So we can find our self in a waging war, the enemy begging us for his attention. And it’s easy to go off course- it’s generally done subtly, we swallow one lie, digest it before we believe another one. And before we know it, we can be paralyzed in fear with a head full of noise and clutter, leaving us with only one choice.

Do we stay captive, or do we cling to the promises of God so we have fresh hope?

Isn’t each day about living in the choices we make?

So here was I, in a mind-set, that begged me to make a decision, because I was loosing my footing, but I know that I’m not a girl to go down without a fight.

It was time to rise and become a warrior for kingdom matters.

You too, have choices to make.

You see servant girl, the truth is, the enemy despises the call on your life. He know’s that you have purpose and a destiny that will build God’s kingdom, so he will press the buttons in your life that will make you self-doubt and self loathe who you are, because that will grab your attention and keep it.

And who can be proactive and others focused when our attention in on our self?

If you, like me, have been caught in a battle, then I am here to tell you, that it’s time to have victory. For you are worth far more than the silent lies that have been fed to your mind, but you must gain control over your thoughts and your desire for change, must be greater than the apathy which is keeping you stagnant.

So will you join me in rising up, will find the audacity and strength to keep on keeping on?

For you have been fashioned with intention, gifts, talents and desires for such a time as this.

Stay the course friend, cling to Jesus and walk into your ordained days with grace, strength and boldness.


3 thoughts on “The Choices we Make.

  1. Hannah, your writing is so inspiration, love your honesty, you give me the strength to be the servant girl has created, not the weak & beaten up girl.the world has molded!
    Love you 💖 to the moon & back!
    Michelle W

  2. Hannah, your writing is so inspirational, love your honesty, you give me the strength to be the servant girl God has created, not the weak & beaten up girl the world has molded!
    Love you 💖 to the moon & back!
    Michelle W

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