Love begins with humility

He got invited over for a play date yesterday. It’s the seventh time a family has opened their door and hearts to him-ever. The last time was in Canada with friends who saw his disability and loved him regardless- didn’t shy away from his difference, but embraced it and learnt from a little boy of few words.

They, like my mate yesterday, who told me “that its fine and everything will be okay,” understood that he doesn’t speak very well and still wears diapers, and yes, there was the potential of them needing to change him, but they were willing to roll up their sleeves and serve. To get their hands dirty and love beyond themselves.

And isn’t that what it takes to love someone?

The willingness to act with humility and go to the places which require us to surrender our desires, to think of our self less, in order to put another person first.

To open the eyes of our heart and see, really see, and make the decision to act upon that need.

To die to self, which requires sacrifice and willingness so another is elevated and esteemed.

It begins with choice, but everything begins with choice…

The choice to see,

The choice to act,

The choice to serve,

Yet most of us are too busy, depleted, and feeling hard done by, complaining about the stress of our own life and what we don’t have, instead of being grateful for what we do.

This in turn hardens our heart and forces us to strive, strive to fill our own cups, abandoning the very thing that Christ told us to do…love one another.


Oh it’s not for the fainthearted, or for those of us wanting to live a life of convenience.

No loving others is inconvenient and difficult and requires sacrifice, which is why there’s so many of us who don’t love, we just ‘like’ well.

You see, the Holy Spirit prompts, swirls in the hearts of the willing and quietly whispers for action to take place.

And when we understand that this life isn’t about us anyway, that we are passing through, then we know that stepping out for another should actually be the way of living a normal life.

For Christ, he came not to be served, but to serve, and if Jesus can get his hands dirty and fill his nails with grime then why in the world can’t we?

We are talking about Jesus, the man who displayed the ultimate humility which drove him to death.

To the place where he took his life for you, for me, for us.

So why do we find it hard to express humility?

For loving others begins with humility.

The type of humility where serving is a cost, not a facebook status or instagram photo promoting ourselves.

Are we too proud?

Too busy?

Too blinded?

Or do we live in selfish decisions because actually rolling up our sleeves, is all too hard work and costly.

We have agendas to fulfill and ladders to climb.

What if climbing the ladder actually meant coming down a rung?

That lowly meant you’re living successfully.

The life where people from the outside who are looking in, scratch their heads and look puzzled because of the way we are living.

The counter cultural life, fighting against culture relentlessly, making the small change in the very place that God has strategically placed us.

Friends, everyday opportunities come before us to love others, truly love others well, the questions is…

Will you?


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