Walking out of the wilderness together-YES we can!

What happens when we find our self in the wilderness? 

The place where life seems barren and dry and without…Hope

It’s a Tuesday afternoon here in sunny Sydney. I have my hair thrown up in a messy bun, have nothing on my feet, and I pack boxes for our move North. I pick up baking tins and robotically place them in old cartons, praying they wont give way and fall on my toes. I find myself listening to a sermon, and from the very first sentence dissolve into tears. Conviction. This year, on reflection, I think I’ve allowed myself to feel a sense of hopelessness in the exact area that God has promised hope in.

Sounds confusing doesn’t it?

Well, maybe not that confusing, as we know the old story of the relentless snake who does his best to infect our purposes with poison, his intention is to destroy and derail all that God intends for us as Servant Girls. The serpent will slither his way into our dreams, and across our path, so we trip and lose focus of the race that we are running.

Dec 2nd

His ways are conniving, cunning and dare I say subtle.

At times we wont recognise the part he’s playing, as he dresses himself in disguises that can be so appealing, he comes dripping in honey that will seem so tempting to taste.

He blinds us in lies which can lead us down a slippery path of destruction.

We justify our actions by building up our case that we have control, and dabbling isn’t going to bring much harm.

So we find ourselves, flirting with danger, pushing perimeter’s and dancing on the edge of boundaries, thinking that our choices wont impact our lives or those around us.

Yet, when we listen to the lies of the enemy (instead of giving them back to Jesus) we allow them to become thoughts, unharnessed thoughts become our way of thinking, our way of thinking settles into our heart, and out of the heart flows our actions and words…

It then becomes important, no vital, that we recognise what comes from God and what does not, so we don’t stray from the course that is set before us.

Life is filled with “crossroad moments” which is why our navigational system must be reset daily. Our decisions must point us in the right direction-heaven bound.

For when we take a wrong turn, then that’s the beginning of taking a small step away from innocence.

This journey, should it not be rectified, will take all sorts of twists and turns, which will eventually lead us into a desert. For a desert place, is known where we feel distant from God, alone, angry, isolated, filled with self-doubt or self loathing. The place where our words are not harnessed, and we react to life rather than living life in its fullness.

So I beg you friend, stop and listen to the thoughts that swirl around in your mind, get insight into what’s going on, pay attention to what you’re dwelling on and ask… Does this thought bring life or death?

(FROM ME TO YOU) Hi Friend, I know its been a while since I’ve penned words. The trouble is, I’ve believed that my blog has had no significance or impact which is why I’ve shied away from writing, but guess what, it’s not about ME-PHEW!!! It’s about God and he has whispered and commanded SO here I am, back on the horse and excited to keep on keeping on. Thanks for your patience as I’ve walked a dry season which will now bring fruit!

If I could offer you any daily encouragement to stay the course for Jesus, then I’d love to so. You can also meet my family and friends. I’m on instagram Hannah00Bryant or simply follow this link threerivers.ihubapp.org




5 thoughts on “Walking out of the wilderness together-YES we can!

  1. well written, Hannah. we all have those desert seasons which help us realize how much we are missing a closer relationship with the Lord. welcome back once again into His loving embrace. love you – Jan

  2. I’m so glad you have put your pen to paper again, I truly missed hearing from you. Your words help me in so many ways. God has blessed you with this gift of expression, thank you for sharing your journey with us. Glynis

  3. Thankyou Hannah! I love reading your blogs! It is indeed, our small thoughts can can lead us into unpleasant places. I shall try to watch my thought path today, and see if I can better steer my mind. Love, Jayne x

  4. Your message has spoken to my heart. This week I have been saying that I feel like the Israelites wondering in the wilderness. Hannah God is using you more than you’ll ever know. Bless you. Karen.

  5. So glad your posts are back!
    I always look forward to reading them they bring me encouragement and help keep my walk, talk and actions in check!!

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