Which Way?

“God, I need your help.” The prayer is silent as lay quietly next to my sleeping husband who is in a deep slumber. I can see the silhouette of his body, his chest rises and falls rhythmically as he breathes gently. I lay awake, blinking into darkness trying to put pieces of the puzzle together. Trying to figure out Heavenly intentions over personal desires.

Opportunities which have been unexpected, turn up in my inbox in black, bolded letters, filled with promise and hope, highlighting a new path that could be taken. Exciting and thrilling, but have I pushed for something and received it, as I’ve pursued out of fear? Or are doors opening because there are other intentions for me? Answers to questions about where I’m headed.

I must seek, open my heart with a willingness to hear. Yet this is the place where I need to be daring, as when I ask God for his answers, then there must be a willingness to lay my self down a little more each time, as his ways may not be my ways, and I must recognise not all opportunities are the best options.

I must be willing to face disappointment, as the journey I have imagined just might take a twist and turn and head in a completely different direction, as Heavenly intent is much more valuable and crucial than self gratification.

We have all be formed and etched with dreams, passions, and desires, but the importance of matching them up with God’s plans is extremely vital, as He will lead us into the most satisfying place, he will make the adventure worth pursuing, where we encounter scenery that is completely unexpected, yet beautifully rich, as He has been the one guiding our path to the place where we need to be.

true north 1

There’s a release, a pressure taken off our soul when we hand over control to Christ. As His plans are never to harm us, but only enhance this crazy journey we are all on called- life.

For hanging onto control is usually stemmed by fear.

We want a particular outcome because of certain reasons, we are bent with a bias, and giving that over can be plain scary. The fear can grip our heart and dominate our decisions, which breeds a certain behaviour that can trap us into a cycle which can spiral us into chaos.

All of a sudden, our decision making process is governed by a particular feeling, and we are white knuckled, fists clenched as the reigns of life are being held tightly, because at the end of the day…we don’t trust in God enough to let go.

So we endure the ride, living in our decisions and wondering why we live with such anxiety and angst as we stare down the barrel into our future. We are in constant problem solving mode, analysing, and coming up with solutions so we can find some internal ease.

We find peace momentarily, but that’s all it is, as life throws us curve balls constantly, balls which are unpredicted and obviously not anticipated. So we enter back into the spinning, as we are living in a whirlwind which is created by our lack of willingness, to let go and let God do what he needs to do.

It’s when we get to a place, when quiet moments call us to reflect, or being woken in the still of night to think further, or we react in an unexpectant way in a situation because of stress, that we realise, that.we.may.not.have.all.the.answers.- as peace has been robbed and lived without.

That’s when questions require answers, satisfying answers, that will keep us poised and calm regardless of our current situation.

Answers that equate to a peace that nourishes our soul in good times, dark times and all that is in-between.

Answers that can water our parched souls when life is enduring a draught.

Answers that can reset our compass so we are traveling ‘truth north’ again.

You see Jesus, patient, gentle, loving Jesus, who’s eyes light up at the sound of your name, who can number the hair on your head, who understands you better than yourself, who adores you exactly as you are, wants and knows the best intentions for your life. He can see what we cannot, and gives clarity and will set our path straight. He gives solutions and answers that are the very best for you, should you ask.

But, that’s just it…

Are you willing to ask?

And if so,

Are you prepared to listen to the answer and act?


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