Worlds Collide

“That’s the way the cookie crumbled.” We sat in the gutter, leaves and a small amount of rubbish were under our feet, I shifted around trying to get comfortable on the hard cement. The pigeons which frequent the alleyway left a distinct smell as they flew in and out, feeding themselves on leftover crumbs. The Sunday morning sun, kissed our shoulders as we talked about his life. I could smell the BBQ cooking eggs and bacon, I looked in its direction momentarily and saw my church family being the hands and feet of Jesus practically and felt my heart skip a beat.

Fathers had their sons behind the hot grill, teaching them more about life than about cooking lunch. Women, teenagers, and small children grabbed cold drinks and handed them out to grateful people. Others mingled to pour love onto strangers who sleep on the streets at night. Humility and gentleness were seen as I looked in from the curb.

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His voice grabbed my attention again, and for a moment he smiled big, giggled even, as he introduced me to his two daughters through story telling. He talked about their hair colour, and how one girl had auburn hair like his, while the other had a head of brown hair. His eyes looked off into the distance and filled with pain, as he described them as little girls- for he has hasn’t seen them in thirty-four years. Unexpected tears splashed down my cheeks, I apologised red and embarrassed. He looked down towards his dirty hands which held tobacco in a carefully rolled cigarette. Beside us sitting in the gutter, was a gentle stream of music playing out of his navy blue bag which housed his entire collection of belongings. The radio which brings him company, provided an atmosphere, and all I wanted to do was ask him to dance with me there and then under the Winters sun…

The luncheon came to an end, and the Pastor I call Husband, and I, fond ourselves pensive and reflective on the car trip home. We were seriously digesting what it actually means to act justly, love mercy while walking humbly with our God.

The challenge for me, is that time passes quickly and I forget about my experiences (like yesterday). I get caught up in my small world of wanting to achieve my goals, my dreams and focus on satisfying my own desires without giving social justice a serious thought. Oh you will hear me talking about it and what I’d like to do, but empty words fall to the ground creating dust.

How many mounds of dirt sit around the earth because dust has been accumulated by ideas and thoughts, mounds that were great ideas of reaching others who require a lending hand, but they never got done because they were all too hard and we are all too busy or we don’t have enough money, yet we raise the ideas again and again as we sit in cafes drinking coffee trying to figure out more solutions

…more dust falls….

“But the kind of love that God created and demonstrated is a costly one because it involves sacrifice and presence. It’s a love that operates more like a sign language than being spoken outright.”
― Bob Goff, Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

Jesus. Beautiful Jesus who demonstrated the character of God as he walked here on earth for thirty-three years, showed us through perfection, what it is to serve those who are disadvantaged. He cloaked himself in humility, compassion and dignity while pouring love on those who found themselves in an unfortunate positions.(His magnificent life can be read about in the Gospels).

As I contemplate further about yesterday, there is one decision that’s been made-I do not want that which was reawakened yesterday, to fall asleep ever again. For I have an obligation to fulfill which starts with making a commitment to put love into action today.


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