15 Minutes in the Chair

Life has been a beautiful mess since returning back from Canada eight months ago. The journey has required much of me as I’ve established new roles as a working mom, responsibilities I’ve never had to fulfill before but wouldn’t change for the world. Entering Australia and resettling has been quite a seamless task on many levels and I truly see that God has gone before us in every way.

My children are easy-going, barefoot, Aussie kids who cope with change easily. I had to make sure I talked, talked and talked some more about our changes as a family and then be highly aware to their emotional needs which worked in my favour, as the Bryant household is now the busiest it’s ever been. And there are days, not all days, but days when this Servant Girl doesn’t cope as well as she should.

I’ve heard my voice raised impatiently at children who should have been piling in the car for school ten minutes ago, a sigh of heaviness when the washing stacks and the floors need vacuuming again, when deadlines come and I’ve struggled to meet them-or haven’t. I’ve let people down as their expectations haven’t been met, chapters of my book haven’t been written as quickly as I’d like (stay tuned on that one my friends), guilt felt as I haven’t played with my toddler like I did my previous two children, sex…well…

blog July 12 2

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The list is endless, constant and always replenishing itself.

So the out of balance life which has snuck in these past few months, has come to a place where God has intervened beautifully and gently whispered “slow down.”

Bill Hybels asked a simple, but profound question last week at the conference I attended.

Who do you want to become?”

He then encouraged us to grab our calendars and clearly write out our schedule as a means to seek clarity and to stay accountable to what we’ve written.

So what I recommend, is to sit with a blank piece of paper and ask God what commitments you need to fulfill and how often. As you write the list, keep seeking clarity about what can be dropped and what must be kept. The process might take some time, but what goes on that calendar will shape your future.

How much time are you spending with your family?

What friendships need your investment and which one’s do not?

Do you need to place exercise regularly in your week?

Study and work?

Time for you?

Your list will be unique as we are all on different paths, but we must remain intentional with our time to fulfill the daily tasks that need our investment, and to stay the course for the calling that God has placed on our life.

What do you want to achieve in the coming weeks, months and even year?

Pray, seek, write and commit.

The process will sort out what type of person you are.

But the next step that Bill suggested made me breathe deep and exhale with relief.

The 15 minute chair.

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Find a place where you wont be interrupted, a spot where you can be still in this busy world that demands so much of you and meet with Jesus. A warm, inviting environment where you eagerly come to read your bible, journal, pray and find rest in your soul. Carve out time where you can centre yourself, realign your heart with His heart, pour your worries out and meet your Creator.

If you feel you want to create an environment that calms you then please do so. Light a candle, grab a blanket, sip coffee. Make it special and unique as time with Christ is vital to feeding your soul.

Discipline will keep you coming back along with routine. Set your alarm clock if need be, turn the television off a few minutes earlier at night, eat lunch alone when at work or school- find a way to meet with our precious Lord.

15 minutes a day in the chair with Jesus.



One thought on “15 Minutes in the Chair

  1. Hanna you have just challenged all so in a beautiful and yet practical way! Thank you from a sixty year old who realizes every day that we can all learn and regroup to find God’s plan for us. It is never too late and never too early!

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