Silent Words

I was gob smacked. “That just isn’t true” I exclaimed both shocked and agitated. “Why would someone make that lie up? There is no truth in those words!”

I looked at the gentle face of the man who spoke, his eyes tender, caring, but at a loss also, he shakes his head in confusion, he didn’t comprehend the situation either. I search his eyes, but find no answer, silence fills the space. “Why do people take it upon themselves to tell me these sorts of things anyway? It doesn’t help” I keep my thoughts silent.

I wrap my cold hands around the hot cup of tea and sip slowly, allowing the warmth to comfort me. The fire flickers, crackles, as logs burn to heat up the living room, the air outside cold as June brings a new season. Winters sun, peers through the living room window, casting shadows on white walls. I hear a feminine voice speak and I turn my downward face to find hers.

Brown eyes meet mine and she begins to bring healing to a grazed soul. She shepherds my heart back to the Cross. She replaces lies with truth and restoration begins immediately. I feel my head slowly nodding in agreement, she continues, speaking words over me which are strong and filled with goodness and accuracy.

My heart which had potential to become wild with emotion, returns to a state of calm, the wrestling for justice subsides and I exhale long, for I know the truth and the truth will set any Servant Girl free.

I linger in the moment and turn what was a feeling of anger, into thankfulness, as the Lord goes before and protects. I whisper my private thoughts to my Father and then release the situation instantly, as I know too well, that un-forgiveness turns to poisonous venom which will eventually kill any soul.

We’ve all been there, and for some reason, people within the Bride, God’s church, are not exempt. We tear down that which should be edified, strong and rock solid, yet we don’t. We chose to whisper wounding words, harming the hearts of other brothers and sisters.

“Troublemakers start fights; gossips break up friendships.” Proverbs 16:28 (The Message)

The intention is to damage and ruin reputation, which has potential to break the heart of the one being targeted. Fracturing another daughter who is being effective for Christ. The words which have been spat out of another’s sisters mouth, might be the catalyst for undoing the Servant Girl who is being spoken about. For she might throw her hands in the air and walk away from her Heavenly purposes because the load, the disunity, all becomes too much. She may shut down, walk away and carry wounds into her journey, shaking her head with disappointment and anger at God, who wasn’t the reason for the hurt.

It was us!

Years in ministry has seen me watch other Servant Girls hang their boots up and leave ‘church buildings’ feeling disheveled and bewildered, as the ones who have hurt the most, are those who raise hands in worship before their very eyes and gossip over cups of coffee afterwards. Those who claim to be love riddled and grace flowing, yet harsh words have winded and now she is walking out…for good.

“If a person thinks he is religious, but does not keep his tongue from speaking bad things, he is fooling himself. His religion is worth nothing.” James 1:26 (NLV)

There is an urgency to keep, to bring and maintain unity within the body, to protect it with a fierce love where understanding and grace flows freely for one another. To make a decision to see the best in the other person and choose words wisely before forming and speaking them out. For the person we are speaking against, is a cherished daughter of the most High God. She is our sister in Christ, who has a soul, and a heart which feels emotion.

We have a moral obligation to silence ourselves if we are about to cut down another Servant Girl, and to disengage from conversations which are fruitless and harmful.

Let’s be an example next time we are confronted with this type of situation.

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One thought on “Silent Words

  1. Hannah, I wish this could be read in all churches, you are so ‘right on’. I’ve always said the part of our bodies Christians have the most difficulty turning over to the Lord is our tongue and it is the one part that causes the greatest damage both among the ‘people of God’ and elsewhere.

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