Test your Courage

Conversations take place amongst family members creating a hum, my mother in-law quietly works in her humble kitchen. Two of her sons busy themselves, helping her as she prepares a dinner for almost thirty. An apron hugs her body, covering the pink floral blouse that gently shapes her figure. She limps silently, and I know from watching, that her hip is creating intense pain-yet she will never complain.
Seventeen grandchildren, ranging from their early twenties to just nineteen months old, play, laugh, rough house and interact happily with one another. I have moments throughout the afternoon, where my heart almost bursts with gratitude.
Meat is placed in the oven, vegetables are seasoned with fresh herbs, gravy stirred and the woman who bore six sons, just keeps on silently giving to those around her.

june 17-1

June 17

June 17-2

There’s no performance here, no accolades sought, or attention demanded- just a woman quietly loving.

It’s so easy for us to celebrate the loud, those under the bright lights and in front of audiences, forgetting about those who swirl toilets and vacuum the floors.

The unsung hero’s.

You know, the Servant Girl who embraces humility and meekness while doing the “least” in order to display the heart of Jesus. She’s the one who doesn’t shy away from her commitment because it goes unnoticed by those around her, for she knows it’s not about self-gratification.

In maturity she comprehends that serving is helpful, but it’s ultimately done for God who sits on His throne.

She’s the daughter who is steadfast and predictable, remaining on the path that God has placed her on. She can be trusted with His intention as she doesn’t back down or give in when it all gets too hard.

No, she understands in the depth of her spirit, that there is something larger going on, a greater picture being fulfilled, then the tiredness she is currently feeling, or the emotion that is trying to govern her decisions to say “No more.”

She’s the Servant Girl who finds fight deep within, to finish what has been asked of her- even when the easiest thing to do, is to hang up her boots and walk away…

Yet Servant Girls often walk away from the unfinished because they have made themselves too busy, committing to unfruitful things that sidetrack them from staying ‘true North’- to the convictions placed on their heart.

She begins to complain that it’s all too hard, all too overwhelming. She begins to rely on her own logic and strength, which spirals her into a chaotic way of thinking. And then there is a search for excuses, so she can give up on what God has asked of her to do. She seeks others to validate her decision. Building a case and justifying her self, forgetting the whispers of the Holy Spirit.

The process will test her courage

Living for the Kingdom wholeheartedly takes discipline and sacrifice as it requires much. There is a need to lay down self in order to pick up the Cross.

It’s messy and hard at times, yet the reward is great.

Servant Girl’s must rise when He speaks. God calls her out, sets her apart for a greater purpose. She mustn’t bail on her mission, but finish it with integrity.

Be that girl, who stands with confidence when Jesus beckons you, finish what He has asked you to do, even if it seems crazy. He knows what He’s doing. And smile along the way-there are only a few who day that you know.

And whatever you do, do it for Jesus and in the strength that He gives.

Bless you, as you pursue your higher calling.


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