Lost in the right direction.

Have you ever been lost in the right direction?

The sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds as we descended into our local National Park. It was the last day of Fall and the Pastor I call Husband was in for an adventure. He was armed with his mischievous sense of humour and today, he was going to be our tour guide. We were to trek along the beach, until we found a path which would lead us to some Aboriginal carvings.

june 1

june 2

june 5

Did I mention the wrong turns along the way?

Our tour guide assured us, that he would not need a map and he knew exactly where he was going.

So the party of five continued on their journey in good spirits.

june 3

june 4

We found a place to rest in the warm sun, sandwiches and cookies were swallowed happily and I noticed that Sunny was casually leaning on his daddy’s shoulders as he ate lunch. He found rest in His Father.

He found rest in his Father…



Some of us are in a place where our worlds are spinning chaos, turbulent times have struck, catching us Servant Girls off guard bringing us to our knees. Pain overwhelming and piercing the walls of our heart. Hurt leaking, fluid flowing like tears as we grapple with our current circumstances.

Life has been turned upside down over night, by a simple a phone call, a conversation, a flashback of the past or a situation which was unexpected.

The seed that was sprouting life within your womb has been flushed away. Red liquid draining, bleeding out your deep desire to be a Mama who holds and rocks her own baby in the still of night. To smell and touch a life formed by you, created in you. And now, you’re left with crushed dreams and an ache that has cracked your soul wide open, a pain that words can never articulate. An instant nightmare has broken your heart. You feel overwhelmed, lost and exhausted. You have a need to rest your weary mind

Marriage which was once life-giving is now life sucking. There are barriers and silence suffocating vows which were made at the altar. You dressed in lace and white, filled with hope and dreams now find yourself in mess and isolation, isolation from the person who once understood you best. The man who you once bared your soul to-naked and unashamed. He your safe place where intimacy was discovered and embraced. You look at this man who is now a stranger, and you desire deep rest for your weary soul as you’ve been fighting to keep your marriage alive…

You’ve mothered a baby from birth, giving life to expectations and desires but suddenly become aware that your child who you once held close to your chest, read books to, loved and nurtured with all your might, has got caught up in a situation that has left you scrambling for answers. Grief surrounds your thoughts as you navigate a circumstance that you barely understand. Words cannot be spoken as anger rages and emotions run high, yet you know at the depth of these feelings shame lurks and sadness swirls– You too need a place for refuge.

Some of us have experienced betrayal on multiple levels, secrets have been festering and light has shone on the darkness exposing truth, you gasp, you’re shocked and have nowhere to turn.

Life has taken an unexpected twist and now its time to navigate the road ahead.

Where can you flee to?

Who can you trust in confusion?

Run Servant Girl. I tell you again, run.

Run to the safest place where you can cry out aloud to a Father who leans in and weeps with you. To the cross where you can unload your sorrow and confusion and find peace beyond understanding.

Run to our God who carries your weary soul through storms and will give you strength and endurance to continue. He will give you fight to take on the enemy which is your situation and give you grace for the person at the centre of it. He will give you insight and wisdom as you determine your next steps. For He will never leave nor forsake you. Weep, wail and embrace Heavenly love, allow Him to determine the ending of your story.

A story like David who exclaimed “You did it: You changed wild lament into whirling dancing, you ripped off my black mourning band and decked me with wildflowers.” Psalm 31:11-12 The Message



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