Brissy Girls

I wish we could all be more like Blake” I said as I gazed upon a group of women. By this stage I could see swollen, red eyes and tear-stained cheeks from our previous session. Women, who had been strong enough to acknowledge that they had been living in shame, imprisoned in it, who had gotten to the point where they were willing to dig a little deeper to face their past memories and feelings which had been holding them back, preventing them, from truly living in their God-given freedom.

It had only been 24 hours prior that I had boarded a flight which took me North, to a warm part of Australia known as Brisbane. What a delight to have met such a brave bunch of women.

My voice cracked when I saw eyes water and throats swallow hard as I presented what healthy identity looks like in Christ.

You see Blake, our foster child, taught The Pastor I call Husband and I about receiving love, and in order to receive love we need to understand as Servant Girls, that there is nothing we can do, to earn Christ’s love for us-for He chooses to give it freely and without conditions.

Yet we can so easily transfer the concept of love to the way we humans demonstrate it to each other. At times we fail because of our sin which in-turn, taints the real picture of the perfect love available from God.

We can distort the unconditional, unmerited, immeasurable love that will healthily form our self-esteem and identity with unhealthy replacements.

Girls who go scratching, scrambling in areas to fill voids, we can be successful for a short amount of time, but in the end, find our self empty…again.

We look into broken mirrors which give us back broken reflections.

may 29

The mirror of culture is broken and it sends a constant message that you and I are never enough.

We have to be a certain body shape, have the right amount of money, the booming career, the handsome husband and high achieving children whilst living in the grand home. We need to be educated and smiling whilst juggling the pressures of life.

Women are becoming exhausted by the unrealistic expectations that we are placing on ourselves and on each other.

We live in a state of confusion about who we really are- so we try to be all to all.

Yet the mirrors we are gazing in to, are sending back the wrong messages about our identity.

The enemy delights when we are confused about our feminity and womanhood and will press our buttons, whisper lies and dig into our areas of weakness hoping that he will have success, success in demeaning us.

So we scramble asking someone, or something if we are valuable and acceptable hoping to get a loud “YES.” And we might at times, but we will always come to a place where the answer is “NO.” and then what?

Do we stay stuck and believe the opinions of culture or are we able to come to a place where we remove the blinkers to see that this world will only offer us an empty message- yet if we look into the eyes of our Heavenly Father, He will tell us, tell you- That you are enough, just as you are.

That “Long ago even before the world, God loved us so much and chose us in Christ to be Holy and without faults in his eyes. His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. And this gives him great pleasure.” Ephesians 1:4-5

Do you know Servant Girl, that before the earth started spinning on its axis, before the stars were flung into the sky, before you were formed in your mammas belly- You.were.thought.of.

Before you started an affair, an addiction, being self-righteous, gossip filled, consumed by an eating disorder, got divorced, botox, self loathed…before the world told you, that you are not enough, you had a God who told you that you are in fact the opposite and still do.

He believes, cherishes and delights in you. You were always intended and your existence was pre-mediated and thought of. You are not a mistake, but rather purpose filled and desired. You are apart of a story, His story of love. In His eyes, you are valuable and acceptable- just as you are.


One thought on “Brissy Girls

  1. Beautifully put Hannah! = ) Missing you. xox Crona​

    *Crona Airgid, Therapist, M.S.W, R.S.W.* Toll Free 1-855-293-5522 |

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