In need of fixin

Relationships can be quite complicated, you know, the ones that cause you to place barriers around your heart when it hurts a little to much when you face another disappointment, or hear another harsh word that knocks the wind out of your soul. The crushing creates bruises and wounds deep within which weep with pain, gushing like a river that runs through your heart. How can you can be sitting around the same table with someone you’ve known for years and years-some of us our whole life, eating a meal with the feeling that you don’t quite…belong.

It doesn’t take much to get offended, as many assaults have taken place over the years, so now you find yourself being hyper sensitive, second guessing yourself and even your worth. Questions rear their head and there’s a quiet plea within the aching of your heart wanting to make it all right again, but that requires a stripping, a pruning where hurt needs to be addressed and faced. That takes hard work emotionally, vulnerability and bravery as there’s a high chance of rejection-again.

Rejecting someone is the willingness to dismiss, eliminate and spurn them from your life.

Have you got a hard exterior towards someone?

You know, where the easiest option is to ignore, dismiss the flash of hurt you see in their eyes, pull back and limit your emotional investment.

Yet if that has happened to you- when someone significant disengages from you, a shift takes place within your heart- it begins to erode the bond. The connection is eaten away slowly, disintegrating something that was once alive, leaving it smouldering in ashes, burnt, lifeless.

The process of disengagement is hard to articulate as there often isn’t a particular incident that you can remember but rather a layering of hurt which feels more like a betrayal- with a Judas kiss at the end.

Before you know it a wedge has formed and repairing is needed.

may 28

Can You take the step?

The one where you pray for the heart of the other person to soften, to ask God to intervene and make His way which is always right- to come to fruition- the prayer of peace and restoration.

Where you ask Him to show you your short comings and failings so He can begin to work in you also.

A fractured relationship takes two- both parties must acknowledge that to make amends with Pro active steps taken so repairing can be done.

The good news is, God’s into broken and repairing. He loves to restore and mend that which has been ripped apart.

He can see hopeless situations and fill them with hope once again.

A peace keeper is delighted in by God as that is the road less travelled.

Doesn’t this world shout out that you have rights and your needs must be met and if they aren’t then give up and get out? Oh but the God who hung the stars in space and threw the planets into orbit is concerned about the small details, the details of your heart, your life and your relationships. He is intimate and knowing and repairs. He places all the pieces of the puzzle together forming a completed picture which represents a wholeness, a wholeness for your life and all your relationships.

But it takes courage Servant Girl.

So what if that other party doesn’t want reconciliation?

Well, you won’t know until you try, I mean really try. Pursue the other person who has brought offense to you with the supernatural love that God can only give, with the grace that only He provides. You do everything you can to make peace, exhaust the avenues and ask God to come on the journey.

He will let you know when you have done enough-for He has your best interest at heart.

He understands you. Let Him guide you along the way and listen to His promptings for He is the ultimate guide who will bring you insight into the situation- but you have to be daring.

Are you willing to move ahead with the person that comes to mind as you read this, and start the journey of repairing that relationship?

Go on…


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