Sword Fight.

I am currently lying on a bed in the Emergency Room waiting to be seen by a Doctor. A simple accident would see a chunk of flesh removed from the top of my foot exposing the bone. The bit that hurts the most is my reaction to my daughter who was the cause of this accidental injury. A quick push back of the shower door by my eight year old, was all it took for the metal to grab and tear the skin wide open – a case of the wrong place at the wrong time.

My loud reaction, yell for help and then the few cuss words was followed by a lacing of blame towards my dear daughter. She burst into tears, creating a larger wound then the one that currently sits open on my foot

I am appalled by my actions in this mini emergency and will seek Charlotte’s forgiveness once I’m home from hospital, but I’ve also found myself really annoyed that another distraction has been placed in my life. The past two weeks has seen my 18 month old, with hand-foot and mouth disease, me a week-long virus, Sunny a broken collar-bone, school meetings for Charlotte talking through some issues, and now me sitting here waiting to be stitched up. I like to live with a balanced approach seeing ‘situations as situations’ that have just occurred, but something inside of me, tells me to heighten my prayer focusing on spiritual protection around my family.

I’m reminded that we Servant Girls, must cling to the promises of God who reassures us, you, that He will protect you from the schemes of the enemy. As the enemy’s will is to create disunity and distraction whilst destroying and devouring your life – those who take their Kingdom calling seriously, have a war that they must not be oblivious to.

“If the enemy fails to distract you, he will oppress you in an attempt to diminish God’s assignment on your life. If this tactic fails, he will sow division because what he divides he can ultimately destroy.” (Lisa Bevere Girls with swords pg 8)

It’s plain, simple and uncomplicated to state, that satan has a will for your life. He intends to undo all that God has planned for you, has promised you and intends for you.

He roams around the earth waiting to devour his prey, you, so you become wounded, weak and unable to complete the tasks the Lord has for you.

april 23rd 1

He will slither into your path in blatant ways where you can identify his influence easily, but friends don’t be fooled by his conniving schemes. He has a habit of dressing himself up in outfits that seem attractive which creates a luring effect. He knows your weaknesses and will use them to bring you down.

Beth Moore says “He comes dripping in honey.” I see him snickering with delight at our temptation. He will attempt to place you in situations so you take one step at a time, away from innocence…

He will fool you into believing that his way will satisfy you and bring you joy – like the relationship with that man who has offered you more attention and affection then he should…small steps away from innocence

The shopping spree which sees you spending unwisely but with the hope to fill an empty void within your heart. The purchases are a boost for your self-esteem as your material possessions are now defining who you are. Small steps away…

Addiction – the longing to be taken away momentarily to numb the pain and grief inside your heart seems to be a daily answer, yet the cycle has gripped you and you’re spiralling down to a place which is unknown and scary. Small steps away…

Eating disorders. Every time you place your fingers down your throat, you tell yourself that you are in control, yet the need to purge is actually in control. The counting of calories and the turning away from food has now become a habit which has developed into an everyday behaviour developing into something more sinister.

Or the complete opposite, where food brings you comfort and you can’t resist the temptation so you find yourself constantly over eating – You look in the mirror and are repulsed by your own reflection.

The enemy will use anything and everything to distract you from seeing God. He is relentless and cruel and is bent towards your destruction.

Yet on the other side we have a powerful Father in Heaven who is always pursuing you with His eternal love and is equally determined in fighting your battles and winning.

He is the one who will rise and roar like a vicious lion in your defense- Don’t underestimate the fierceness of God. He will assassinate the enemy claiming back control demolishing strong holds in your life. He will fight to protect His Servant Girl and victory is yours.

I encourage you friend, to don your spiritual glasses to see the waging war that is going on each day. Don’t be afraid, no not for a moment, as Christ is victorious in all situations, your situations. Equip yourself with the power of Jesus, use His promises as armour and fight like real girl slaying the enemy.


4 thoughts on “Sword Fight.

  1. Thankyou for such a thought provoking article. You are so right, we need to be on guard at all times as satan is roaming around out there waiting to deviate us on our path to becoming closer to God. And he will attack us when we are most vulnerable so we need to constantly turn our heart over to the Holy Spirit and ask each day for guidance in our life.

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