Recurring Injuries

I knew the cry, I had heard it before. I saw the expression on his face and felt a wave of shame flow over me like a dead weight. Mama’s guilt loomed and embarrassment reared its head. I scooped his weeping body off the floor, whispered words of comfort, called his older sister for help and felt my hands begin to shake. My cell phone rang, I wanted to cry when I heard her voice on the other end, but knew this was the time to keep it together- Sunny had broken his collar-bone for the third time. Three bones in three months and I felt a knot in my stomach as I dealt with the situation.

My girlfriend Clarissa, who I had spoken to earlier on the phone, heard my cry for help and arrived. “I have to take him to the hospital, but what will people think?” I asked with my chin shaking and my eyes beginning to water. She talked me through the process with logic. I gathered my emotions and my little boy and drove to the Emergency Room.

The hours passed and I began to find my assertion, I spoke to the Doctor who had a relaxed expression on his face “Boys will be Boys” he said with concern but also with an understanding that children break bones. I pushed back and suggested strongly that I see a Specialist for further assessments of his bones. The appointment has been made.

The pain of this recurring injury is something Sunny is getting used to. He knows how to handle his discomfort as his pain threshold is higher. He understood the process of Doctors, X-rays and slings. He knows how to nurse his recurring injury, even if it is in a child like manner.

How many of us have recurring injuries?

Hairline fractures creating excruciating pain in our heart because we walk back into circumstances, habits or relationships which are unhealthy. This breeds toxins internally which infect and poison our soul-the results are always detrimental for our life.

No one has ever moved forward whilst looking back, for our future is ahead not in our past.


The enemy knows our weaknesses and will strike at any chance given. He prowls around waiting to consume our most vulnerable areas so he can diminish and destroy us. He will work with destructive measures to ensure we are taken off God’s team and placed on his.

His tactics pre meditated, he lures us, hoping to be effective so our old wounds will hold us back. He works at keeping us injured which will be the a catalyst for distraction.

When we give into the enemy by entering into his schemes, then our focus and attention is swayed from focusing on God’s will to the will of the enemy’s, this in-turn inflates his control on our life.

The more destructive our self focus is, the more consuming it will be. Our energy is then channeled into who we are not, rather than who we actually are in Jesus.

Which is why we must fight with our swords as Servant Girls. Using Gods promises fluently to fight off lies and the tactics of Satan.

“For though we walk in flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:3-4

We have a spiritual war that we will win when fighting with the power of Christ. Our injuries can become scars telling a story of how we fought against the enemy, resulting in him losing, and us winning!


One thought on “Recurring Injuries

  1. Hannah, you poor dear!! and poor Sunny! glad you have apptmt with specialist to see if there are some bone density challenges. on the other hand, boys will be boys! good use of real life to blog with. developed the tho’ts with skill and ready application. looking forward to your next one coming thru! we are back from Italy. meet lots of Aussie’s travelling – delightful, friendly people – the Australians, that is!

    Jan Congram 393 Pinehurst Drive Belle River, Ontario N0R 1A0 519-727-6705

    Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 07:11:56 +0000 To:

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