The Pastor I call Husband had one of his greatest mentors in life pass away this week. It was a rainy Monday afternoon as we traveled across Sydney to a service which gave thanks to a man who gave his life whole heartedly to Christ. The little Brethren church which we entered into for the memorial service is where I met my husband known as ‘AB-the Youth Pastor’ sixteen years ago.
I walked into the familiar kitchen to see my faithful, servant hearted mother in-law with her apron on, piling cakes and treats onto plates for the wake. She’s been working that kitchen with the same women for decades.

A man with a cheeky smile who was my husband’s ‘best friend’ through childhood sees us and punches AB’s arm playfully and then whispers something quietly – they both laugh and looked like two young school boys about to get themselves into trouble. I can’t help but smile-imagining them as young adolescent men, doing things that created the same expression on their faces as they conjured up ideas to bring innocent havoc around them.

I looked around and see people who poured time into me in my early days of faith scattered around the building, finding their seats as they wait for the service to begin. My heart gave thanks for all of them, for their time and effort began to shape and mold this Servant Girl.

It was apparent that ‘Dick Beck’ the man who is now with Jesus, chose the tough road to serve God. I have never walked away from a funeral with inspiration that wants to propel itself into action-action for Christ.

He was 81 years old when he slipped into eternity. I looked at his photo on the screen which was at the front of the church. The dates of birth and death scrolled under his smiling face.

I couldn’t help but think that this life is so fleeting. We pass through earth ever so swiftly – today and yesterday is vanished before we know it, leaving the years full of memories.

Do you ever ponder about the past and live with regret?

Regret that you didn’t take an opportunity to bring God’s kingdom to earth because you lacked courage or didn’t prioritize your time and energy?

march 25

Days, months and years slipping by and that dream you have, hasn’t taken shape because other desires become higher on the list taking priority. “Oh we will get to it, just not today” we say to our self.

Yet our today’s become a blur because they roll into one another. Our short sightedness preventing us from seeing the eternal needs that God is waiting patiently for us to pursue.

We hide behind our excuses which are valid and easily justified; University degrees, mortgages, children, traveling, climbing the corporate ladder…

Our eyes start to turn inward focusing on things that we feel we need to chase or are strongly encouraged by others around us to achieve –their influence dominating our decision process and we forgetting our purpose.

Do you know how many times people have voiced their opinion about my husband and I being in full-time ministry and us not earning enough money? Or why I’d write Ashes to Beauty each week with no money in return?

Yet I am a simple girl, if God speaks then I must act-even though I don’t understand. I still don’t understand my writing but I know I live in obedience and that’s all I want in life.

Crazy, radical, ‘I have one life to live’ obedience.

Where do you need to live racially for Christ?

The place that doesn’t quite make sense, but you know deep in your heart that He is requiring you to do so?

Think bigger, think bigger so He can step in.

We have to be in a place of action for our faith to grow and mature.

The dream that has been placed in your heart for the Kingdom is a gift given from God himself. He creates desire and inspiration, our part is being motivated to pursue it.

Servant Girls, we have one life to live, do not shortchange yourself from being all you can be because you lack courage.

There’s an old saying; “God needs brave girls for his Kingdom.”

Servant Girl, I pray that you learn more and more about how God works, so you can do your work. I pray that you have the strength to stick out your God given convictions with a glory strength that He provides – for it is strength that endures the unendurable. May your determination be a spout for joy-joy that spills over creating a place for praise and thanksgiving to the Father who makes us strong enough, to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for you today and always.



4 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. This was beautiful, thank you. I am in the process of asking God what he wants for my life, and it’s so good to remember that life is fleeting, and only what is done for Him will last…
    God bless.

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