Good old fashioned Prayer

Beloved Daughter,

Can you believe that our God thought of you before the world began? You in His mind as he started molding the earth, filling it with water and placing the stars in the sky. I bet he delighted, smiled at the very thought of shaping your face, choosing the colour of your hair, designing your build and giving you talents that make you come alive.

It was day six when he gave authority to us, his image bearers, to take charge and fill the sphere that spins on its axis. He goes before and leads your way, my way, to the very place where we will find significance and purpose as we grace earth. Just follow.

Today I heard a woman, double my age, speak out something that split my heart in two. It made me sad – not cast judgement, just sad. She announced that she was not a praying woman. She has had faith for years, in church leadership, even. I appreciate her reason by saying that she knows “God has her future in his control – so what’s the point?”

I reflected on this, chewed it over but couldn’t agree. Yes God’s will, will prevail and yes that brings comfort! But for me, prayer is such an intimate connection between us, his daughters and sharing, talking, weeping, seeking and communing with the Lord of the universe.

Prayer gives us daily direction as we are aligning our hearts with our Father who is carving our path, clearing it, so we can walk in confidence into our daily situations and circumstances with a deep knowing that we are in fact, doing what He has called us to do – both in the little and large.

Prayer affirms our significance and destiny. It attunes our heart as it brings conviction, it releases shackles and sets us, the captive free.

Prayer is the process of lectio divinia, an old latin phrase, promoting us, his Servant Girls to read his word, meditate on it, reflect, contemplate and then pray. It invites us to commune. A beautiful picture of an intimate relationship which is filled with grace and heavenly goodness.


Prayer reveals the Father’s heart and his gentle character so we can take refuge. Prayer creates a safe place so we can fall to our knees in reverence, bearing our soul with honesty, raw open honesty where offense isn’t taken.

Prayer is a weapon that we can easily and powerfully use against the cunning snake who snickers and slithers his way into our God – given purposes. When the enemy intends to destroy and bring havoc, we can stand and use the authority that Jesus has given us to combat his approach – claiming and gaining victory.

Be aware sisters of the devil who comes to flirt and torment us – his ways are disguised and sly but a prayerful heart, an attuned heart will fight the spiritual attacks and win.

Beth Moore reminded me at a conference this past weekend that the “Promises God has spoken over your life, have been heard by satan and he will fight for them – he has a will for your life just the way God does.”

Prayer and scripture shape and build a mighty sword, Use them to fight – open your eyes and heart and go to war claiming any land the enemy has taken in your heart. God will overcome and his power will trump any evil schemes- join forces with the Holy Spirit and use your tongue to form words to make the enemy flee. Own it, say it- “Get behind me satan.”

Prayer can be turned into praise, to worship where we can express our gratitude and love to the King who covers you, covers me with unending, unfailing love.

Prayer forms the direction of my day, making it possible to live with joy and peace through God’s spirit. Prayer is an act that I will be encouraging those younger than me to pursue when I have hair of gray and wrinkles on my face which tell a story – his story.


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