Own it.Use it

Your story is not ordinary.

Do you know that?

It just takes the extraordinary woman to abandon her mask and tell it wholeheartedly.

I’ve learned that the places you have walked, I have walked, have led us into moments where triumph fills our soul and then there are the areas where we’ve trodden which we try to forget, paths which have led us to shame. Both are just as important as each other in the story you share with others.

Mountaintop experiences in the context of sharing your story allows other Servant Girls to rejoice with us, to cheer us on and applaud our efforts. I believe it’s vital that we champion one another on, to encourage and empower a sister who has worked hard for personal achievement-often it’s attained by fearless determination.

And the parts of your story that you want to rip out of the book, burn and incinerate are the very chapters others need to hear.

For when we abandon our masks and speak with truth, unapologetic truth, then others can identify and relate. It provides permission for those listening to be vulnerable and raw back to you in the privacy of conversation. It births a space, a friendship, where organic conversation can flow easily revealing the unseen parts of the heart which may have remained hidden if it wasn’t for your courage in the first place. Women in sisterhood baring naked souls, fragile souls which we all own.

Stories shared and received with generous grace and love.


It might even be the first time for those who have listened to you, to find strength to utter words and share their stories-stories that have been locked away in darkness for many years. You opening up-speaking about your circumstances and situations may be the antidote for detoxing their cluttered and poisoned soul- medicine for repairing a rotting heart. You just might be the impetus for healing and renewed wholeness, but it requires you to step out.

So Servant Girl, I encourage you to stop running from who you really are, the whole you, and own that which needs a home.

No, you are not the image of your past mistakes, so don’t be frightened by them-use them instead as a way in extending the Kingdom.

Allow your journey to speak into the life of another woman who desperately needs someone to be brave for her first.

With tremendous courage,telling the ugly parts which have made you-you.

We have all made decisions in life that humiliate us, but that should not prevent us or define us from fully living. This may mean an existence where we engage in conversations, spend time with people and build relationships without the need to disguise our self or our past decisions.

Shame doesn’t have any place to live when grace is offered and accepted.

Jesus is the ultimate example at opening his heart wide, wide without limits or hesitations to any woman who so desires His eternal love.

His gentle approach to those who were ostracised in the New Testament is the perfect example of how we should choose to live. He loved without barriers and that showed up time and time again. Those society shunned were the ones Jesus drew close and the same goes for you…

The parts in You which are rejected by the world, are the very bits Jesus holds and accepts. God takes all of you.

So realise that you are complete in Him regardless of past decisions and use your mistakes as a way for teaching and embracing others.

Abandon self judgement and give yourself some compassion.

We are all a work in progress after all.

Bless You,

‘EXTRA FOOD’ From The Pastor I call Husband.


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