An Edgy Voice.

It came through an email attached to our Three Rivers website. A man, The Pastor I call Husband and I, had never met. He had intention and made it clear through the words he chose to use. It reflected the state of his heart and highlighted his mindset for Jesus and ministry.

I sat at my ‘writing table’ where my computer is set up, reading the black letters which had been punched out with thought and clarity from our unknown friend. He wrote words of love, support and blessing as we dove into a new journey here in Sydney, Australia. This man who took the time to communicate was also a Pastor and he heard about ‘this new church starting in the same area.‘ His kind words built the body of Christ and the heart of his brother and sister who he was yet to meet.

So now, The Pastor I call Husband and our new friend, meet for coffee regularly to encourage and support one another. Two men with vision much larger then themselves and the walls that surround the church they lead.

Vision that sees the heart of God’s kingdom. Both men have an understanding that it isn’t about “their flock” and ‘who belongs to who‘ but rather are apart of the same team and simply living out their convictions which God has placed on their hearts.

They belong to the body but are just using different functions.

Too many times, in ministry, that we get upset and focused on the ‘numbers’ and attendance, rather than the people who have been entrusted into our care as leaders.

Squabbling and backstabbing fueled by insecurity and control collapsing the very thing that should be built up-the church, His church.

Eyes looking internally forgetting to see that the body works with different parts, different functions yet striving to complete the same job, the same task.


It’s not ours or owned by a particular few, but rather the place where a group of people should be known for unity and unconditional love.

For the Bride looks splendid and radiant when she is at peace.

Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.” (Romans 12:4-5 NLT)

Before you slander another person, another leader, another church, make sure you check your heart as you are tearing down, being destructive to-the Bride of Christ. You are stirring up trouble and creating disunity revealing your character and mindset.

God gifts differ in nature, power and effectiveness according to His wisdom and graciousness-He gives faith and power as He wills.

Our responsibility is to seek His ways and to serve others with what Christ has given us, given you.

Can’t we be grateful and thankful that God is creative and colorful giving us all different talents and enables us to express them in different ways?

Different approaches equals different people being touched and discipled. Praise Jesus!

Choose to see the best in others. Realise that we are on the same team and start cheering one another on.

Forget about buildings and signage which segregate us and start wearing the same jerseys. TEAM JESUS– I want to scream with passion.

Your ministry isn’t about you or about your success, it’s about living in and out the convictions and purposes GOD HAS PLACED ON YOUR HEART.

Our world is big and the number of people coming to know Jesus small. Stop focusing on that which is trivial and get back to the main game. Not your game, but His.

So I place the challenge on you who struggle in this area, as it’s normally those in leadership and have been following Christ for years and call themselves mature Christians (so pardon my firmness).

Start praying, begin heart surgery and refine your character. Your negative and critical attitude is not ok for the body. The more you live it out, the more detrimental you are being. For church is us, his people, not a building that creates blockages for others.


4 thoughts on “An Edgy Voice.

  1. Well said mate. I believe all too often people put their personality before the ultimate goal. Its hard, we are created for relationship but as followers of Christ we must realise that all relationships are insignificant compared to an external one with him.
    Thank you for your words

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