Jars of…

She stood before him as help was desperately needed. I could only imagine that grief was thick and looming as she had just buried her husband. The new widow found herself in an unexpected situation and was now the sole provider for her family. She didn’t have much and lived on the brink of poverty. Authorities were on their way, coming to capture her boys to enslave them-they would be their means, their way of payment for the family’s debt. She must act quickly as she couldn’t risk losing her children.

How would her already bruised heart cope?

What was she to do?

So there a devastated woman stood, looking for answers to rectify her hopeless situation.

What can I do to help you?” asked Elisha (2 Kings 4:2)

Elisha and the woman conversed some, she sharing her story of desperation, while he listened on.

He was aware that this sad widow had nothing to offer, nothing to give, except a small amount of olive oil.

Now Elisha already knew that his God was the God of miracles-And we know that God sees everyone and everything and has a keen interest in the minor details of people’s lives, including ours.

So, a formula for a miracle was brewing.

“Borrow as many empty jars as you can from your friends and neighbours.” said Elisha, “Then go into your house with your sons and shut the doors behind you. Pour olive oil from your flask into the jars, setting the jars aside as they are filled.” 2 Kings 4:3-4

“…Soon every container was filled to the brim.” 2 Kings 4:6

(Olive oil was extremely expensive and used for many purposes. So now the widow had a way of paying back her debt and a way to financially support her family).

Can you see where the miracle occurred?

It wasn’t in the conversations with Elisha, nor when the jars were being collected. The miracle was performed in the tipping of the flask. It was in her action, when she was stepping out courageously into an unknown place, an unfamiliar territory.

Do you need to tip your flask?

He will appear when we seek and press into His plans.


Yet I know as a Servant Girl that I often try to control my situations, manipulate my circumstances so they make me feel comfortable.

How often do we turn to God last, instead of making Him our first port of call?

We tell our self “I can do this alone.”

“I can handle the curve ball that life has thrown at me.”

We disregard the place where our answers can actually be found.

We need to come to a conclusion in life, where we stop talking about what God can do and actually believe that He will do it.

For the impossible moments, the impossible circumstances in our life, are the exact places where He can show up and redeem our life.

When we dictate our journey disregarding what God wants, then he has no room to move. We stifle an outcome that could potentially bring a miracle to our world.

Some of us today are filling our oil jars with the wrong ingredients hoping for a different outcome. And when our desired outcome isn’t met-then we simply go and buy a new jar and fill it again with the incorrect content.

Today might the day, where we need to stop talking about trusting God and actually trust God by allowing him to fill our jar with olive oil, believing that the miracle you need for your life just may occur.


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