Enter Expectantly.

Familiarity. It has a new meaning for me since landing back in Sydney Australia to begin Three Rivers. The warm sun, certain sounds, Aussie slang, seeing other children shoeless walking the streets and the smell of the ocean. It’s all so normal and I’ve had many moments where I catch myself in a state of disbelief that the Pastor I call Husband and I are back on home soil. In some way it feels bizarre as we have had an amazing experience living in North America which has formed and molded us, yet the small corner of the world that we now reside in has gone on, around and around, spinning on its axis seeing the sun rise and set for almost three years.

We all live in a state of familiarity where routine is formed and engaged. Some of us are feeling bored and discontent and needing to reboot our routine.

Each day has met us with a little less colour as life has become ordinary, plain.

Our vision and purpose has been engulfed with predictability leaving us feeling stale and uninspired.

Jan 1st 14

The excitement that once filled our life has been lost, passion extinguished stealing our zeal. We’ve been overtaken by mediocrity and the dreams that once gave us hope and inspiration has dissipated.

We thought we could be ‘more’ but reflection has it that life is being lived, not enjoyed.

We go through the daily motions allowing it to suck joy. We once inwardly believed that we could amount to something a little more greater, but if the truth be known, we are just existing hoping change will occur yet not doing anything about it.

Our life which we once thought would be remarkable, is leaving no mark at all. No imprints or trails for others to follow.

We look back over the past year and difficulties have prevented life being lived, really lived.

Health may have been failing, relationships fractured, finances pressing, work mundane, studying exhausting, children challenging, marriages fragile, the list is personal and endless.

Jan 1st 14 2

The problem is, life will always present us with challenges.

So here we are, breaking into 2014 with a new opportunity where New Year resolutions have been made.

Why not begin with a decision to find meaning again? The type of meaning that will correct your thought process so you understand that you have purpose, a Heavenly purpose.

Your desire for change however, must be greater than the apathy which keeps you stagnant, hindering you from moving forward.

Change is a choice and a work in progress.

So do we engage the next twelve months and beyond with hearts filled with discontent and a sense of being overwhelmed where difficulties win? Or do we rewire our thinking and become expectant.

Expectant that God is calling you, wooing you, beckoning you into a future where He has intention, a plan and a desire to work through you for His glory.

You have purpose and are purposeful.

Don’t you know Servant Girl, that your existence was always intended.

Where you stand today is no mistake, but rather the place where the grace of God has positioned you.

You may have questions, like I do, but rise with courage. Gods kingdom needs brave Servant Girls.

Enter into your days ordained with a new attitude. His plan for you is greater than you could ever imagine.

Dare yourself to dream again.

Let go and let God. Trust that He can see your best and wants to utilise it.

Some of us need to know that we have a Father in Heaven who can see our struggles and cares deeply.

We are Daughters of the most High King and are never alone or abandoned.

Find your value and answers in God. He will ignite your passion so your colourless world becomes rich and flamboyant once again.

“God arms me with strength, and He makes my way perfect.” Psalm 18:32


10 thoughts on “Enter Expectantly.

  1. As always, and from the other side of the world, your worlds speak to me and resonating deep inside, reminding me who to cling to and to draw ever closer to live with purpose and see the splendour of colour that is life.

  2. Hannah,I read this for the second time. And it really challenged me. I’m not young like you but I can still have purpose and be expectant as I approach the age of 60! God uses us “sisters” in all stages of life. Thanks for your gift of the written word… Straight from your heart. Deb

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