Rare to Find

Have you ever seen a person clutching at straws because they are out of control of a situation?

Fear overtakes their thinking which changes their perception, outlook and behaviour. A reaction is given which doesn’t seem to match their love for God and your left fighting against judgement as you’re desperately trying to choose to see their best.

They start to make irrational decisions and modify information to mould it accordingly to fit their perceived reality. This type of behaviour has huge potential to create disunity within the body of Christ.

Chinese whispers are toxic and will poison any community.

Be careful of the words you choose to use against another person and make sure what you speak is filled with accuracy and truth.

Don’t ever fill in the ‘blanks’ with your own opinion, as this can create discord within the body.

“A troublemaker plants seeds of strife; gossip separates the best of friends.” Proverbs 17:28

Do you use words to justify speaking poorly against another Servant Girl?

A wise woman will be slow to speak and quick to listen. She wont engage in foolish talk as it reveals the state of her soul. She won’t tear others down in gossip or speak poorly of another in order to make herself feel better.

No, she understands that friendships require loyalty to the very end. She chooses to see the best in the other person and seasons her words with kindness and grace.

She understands that is better to be patient than powerful and will demonstrate self-control. Self control in her speech and actions towards others.

She has the capacity to disregard her friends faults as she knows this preserves love; she keeps her harsh opinions to herself as telling others will separate friendships.

Dec. 1st

She is even-tempered and uses few words.

Her character oozes gentleness, humility, kindness and meekness. She abandons judgement to pick up understanding so she can help the weak spirited.

She provides wisdom and will be the first one kneeling, petitioning on behalf of those she loves.

She rests in Christ and clings to his promises of peace. His joy sustains her. She is Heavenly focused which encourages her to live out her faith regardless of cost.

She is generous with what has been entrusted and willing to give it away to bless others. Her focus is living the upside down kingdom.

dec 1 1

She opens the door of her home and entertains strangers who are in a time of need. Her love is radical and her light bright. She is noticed not because of her outward appearance but because of her heart, her goodness, her Godly character.

She inspires others to ‘live hard’ for Christ and is a guide which encourages other Servant Girls to stay the course, never forgetting their calling.

She is as precious as rubies and there in time of need.

She is trustworthy, confidential and will be a running partner through life. She has your back and defends your name when needed.

dec 2

She is normally an answer to prayer, so if you have her already in your life then know you are blessed indeed. (Tell her today how grateful you are for her).

Fight for that friendship if it goes through a difficult season, as a faithful friend is as rare as treasure.


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