Three Rivers. belong and beloved

It began with two questions in the Summer of 2012, when the Pastor I call Husband sat on a balcony north of Tornoto.

I sat next to him, my belly swollen as our third baby grew within. I listened to him wrestle with his questions which became more of an idea.

“How does a Pastor practise what He or She preaches?”

He continues, his blue eyes looking into the distance searching for the answer. I hear children playing below and allow silence between us to create a place of thinking, pondering.

He speaks again revealing another question which begins to breed an idea.

‘What kind of expression of the church would allow me to live authentically…no excuses?’

His eyes widen, thoughts begin to stir, ideas flow and excitement between a man and his wife encountered. This one question, has kept us up late at night dreaming, praying, penning thoughts, critiquing ideas and then finally coming to the place where God leads us to birthing Three Rivers.

A movement that has been motivated out of the example of Jesus’ love and his radical expression of agape.

This catches us slightly off guard as we had landed in Canada with a five year plan, our previous church had us for almost ten years and the church prior, well my husband grew up in it. God interrupted our schedule, he grabbed our attention and made it clear that He needed us to step out in radicalism and obey His promptings. It took many months, tears, a lot of affirmation, bent knees, and even us rebelling as our flesh didn’t understand to then coming to a place of pure excitement. Now is the time to lead as a couple, in unity and under our amazing God.

Christ is His goodness also started speaking to the hearts of others. People we know and people my husband and I haven’t even met. They too have heard Heavenly Whispers to jump on board and become pioneers.

So we, a motley crew who are just willing servants, have simply dropped our nets and followed a calling. We are overjoyed that God has trusted us with this concept and provided innovation to act upon.

Three Rivers as previously mentioned has laid its foundation on agape love believing we don’t go to church but we are the church.

Agape is a Koine Greek word which has been translated into modern English as Love. It is typically used in Christian theology to describe the love of God which can mean love for God or love by God.

We to want to practise both intentionally.

Wasn’t the attraction to Jesus His agape love?

He told us it would be, and one of the most potent ways to express love is in small communities.

Rich.Organic.Real Relationships.

Our demanding culture, an overload of commitment’s, too many relationships which end up being superficial or on surface level, pulls us in many directions and we often find our self overwhelmed by the needs of others and the tasks requiring our attention.

How often do you find your self saying “I’m so tired?”

“I’m so busy and trying to juggle too many balls?”

So what if there is an option to strip it all back. Go back to a more simplistic way of living, still spurring one another on for Jesus and into your God given potential. An Acts two type of lifestyle with a modern twist.

You know, where the opportunity to live in authentic friendships occurs, the type of community where you can be raw, open and transparent.

Where you find a place of belonging and acceptance regardless of your past, your mistakes and history. We’ve all stumbled.

A group of people who offer grace yet aren’t afraid to sharpen you so you fulfill your best.

A space where you come together, share meals, pray, love one another’s children, giggle, cry, go away on weekends and encourage one another to be all you can be as a person and in Christ.

A community where you are desired to engage, be deeply known and loved warts and all. The type of people who you can do life with, life that I describe as a “beautiful mess.”

Our heart is to love beyond our self and serve the marginalised. To seek and find opportunities to be the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus constantly. To be his light and his love. To dream of ways to do this.

Have you got an idea?

Three Rivers has been designed to be an international church which will be explained on our website. It has launched in Wales England and Sydney Australia.

If you have a desire to be apart of an authentic community regardless of your age, demographic, and country then know there is a place for you.

Check out our website, see if we are kindred spirits knowing we will support, resource, spur and encourage you to live your very best.

As we say…”It doesn’t matter who you are or where you have been there’s always a place for you to call “Home” at Three Rivers. We do ask that you leave your masks, facades and shoes at the front door and come just as you are.”

Three Rivers. Be Here. Belong.

Please contact me should you have any questions.


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