It starts with Charis.

Charis, an old Greek word meaning Grace. You know, the word we hope and pray for when we’ve hurt a loved one, made mistakes and lived out poor decisions.

When doors have slammed, words spat cutting like a knife deep into the heart of someone you confess to love.

When our children make poor decisions and discipline creates a feud, a barrier which creates a hostile home,

Or when you’ve deliberately ignored the promptings from the Holy Spirit and immersed yourself in a situation, knowing full well, that you shouldn’t be there. I’ve done it many times.

We then find our self scrambling back to the Cross seeking His forgiveness before needing to get it from those we’ve offended in our foolishness.

Nov 12

Have you ever been in that place where you’ve sought forgiveness from a person and they have freely given it?

A conversation opens up, you gulp, feel your heart pounding like a drum, you find courage and present your words filled with sorrow as a sacrifice.

If that person who has been offended, understands that they too have been forgiven by God, then they know that they can extend grace to you. It has a flowing effect.

A Servant Girl who knows her position in Christ can make that moment of reconciliation a gift which glorifies God or not. Her decision highlights the state of her heart.

It’s only pride that keeps the situation from being rectified and the relationship fully restored. Yes, its very important to express hurt, feelings and work through the process, but isn’t part of understanding charis placing yourself in the offenders shoe’s saying “That could have been me in that moment?”

We all make mistakes.

What choice are you going to make when a friendship has been tainted by imperfection?

Fight or Flee?

Your actions will demonstrate the value you put on that relationship.

nov 12 1

You see grace makes room for underserved kindness, forgiveness and love.

It lives out gentleness and pardons those who have hurt you. It doesn’t hold grudges or count the times it needs to be used or extended. It’s just given, plain and simple.

It comes from a pure heart, normally from those who walk closely with God as He’s the source who provides the capacity to forgive. The person forgiving is conscious that they are deliberately living out the “upside down kingdom.”

nov 12 2

Your action of forgiving points to God’s goodness. You are shining a light that deflects from you, back to Him presenting a snippet of His heart. You are bringing Heaven to Earth.

His Holy influence which has transformed you, trickles out of your character like a river, maintaining life in a relationship that may have had the potential to die.

Can you see that your actions have a positive impact on that person receiving grace? You just might strengthen and increase their faith in Christ?

Is God using you as a catalyst to transform another persons life?

For such a time as this, your radical heart in demonstrating grace has a chain effect which opens the spiritual eyes to someone who is spiritually blind. Alas they see a difference that isn’t about you but instead its God using you.

You have been designed, placed in your current situation, had your path carved out because God has a big picture mentality and He strategically places you in a position to be His vessel, His voice and to fulfill a purpose that He has asked you do to.

You just have to be willing and ready.

“When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples.” John 15:8

As the Pastor I call Husband preached this past Sunday. “He wouldn’t ask you if He didn’t resource you. He wouldn’t lead you if He hadn’t the confidence in you. He wouldn’t inspire you if He wasn’t going to empower you. He wouldn’t pour out His favour on you if He wasn’t going to use you. Nothing, not even a virgin birth, is impossible with God.”


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