Imperceptible Ways

They were the days when I rolled my school skirt up at the waist to show my legs off to the boys, when I gave in to peer pressure sporadically and smoked cigarette’s at lunch and hung out with a friend named Katie McNaught who radiated Christ.

Katie was a peer who was teaching me about faith as I walked through my adolescent years and although I was pushing social boundaries, I did begin to take my faith in Christ seriously. My eyes were beginning to see that there was a spiritual realm and I started advocating on behalf of my beliefs.

We had a substitute teacher for Drama class this particular day in Grade 9, which meant I had to try really hard not to give her a hard time. I don’t know, I was a little cheeky in those days and needed boundaries, just ask mum.

The teacher was a much older lady then the normal aged teacher so I respected her and sat quietly listening to instructions. I was beginning to understand that I needed to be set apart and different to the other hormone filled students who loved to create chaos for Teachers.
Mrs Irvine (I still remember her name) got us to lay on the classroom floor and asked us to meditate. I obeyed her immediately, stretched myself out on the cold floor and without hesitation closed my eyes. She began asking us to do something a little strange so we could have an outer body experience. I started to feel a little uncomfortable at her instructions and wasn’t sure God would want me doing this. I had a gut feeling and I went with it, I was going to stop.

Now this wasn’t to create a seen, or buck against authority, it was me discerning what I felt the Holy Spirit was whispering to me. The look on Katie’s face told me she felt the same way. To cut a very long story short, we made a trip to the Principals office and made complaints about this spiritual element of the curriculum that had been introduced to us that day. We didn’t agree with it and were not going to engage with new age spiritualism.

A meeting was called (mum if you’re reading this for the first time, relax, I handled it with the maturity of a 15-year-old) and we were given an opportunity to speak about our beliefs. May the Lord have grace on me!

I guess what I did learn from that experience on reflection, was to go against the grain and stick up for God.

We live in a society where there is a need for us Servant Girls to rebel against culture in order to show which God we are living for.

Our lifestyle will reflect which King we serve.

Have mini gods slipped into your life?

Without realising it, we are making decisions glorifying gods and building up other kingdoms.

nov 4th

We become like the idols we worship. We step away slowly, the change ever so subtle and there we find ourselves in a place we don’t recognise, yet we should, because we are the one’s who have made the decisions.

What are the idol’s in your life?


What draws your attentions away from God and steals your focus?

Remember to choose carefully as our character will begin to take shape with the things that fill our mind and receive our attention.

nov 4th 1

It is easy to balk at the idea of something else being first in our life when our heart is to have God at the centre, but be willing to dig away at the surface and highlight the area’s where you have replaced God.

A relationship, your flesh is acting out and you are caught in physical situations that you know you shouldn’t be in,

Climbing the corporate ladder, whilst there is nothing wrong with ambition (I respect women with gust and dreams) the focus has been taken off Jesus and placed on to self,

Your children, your finding self-worth in your kids instead of clinging to the truth about who you really are as a beloved daughter of the most High God,

Giving in to temptations that have placed you in a vicious cycle. An affair, an eating disorder, spending money to fill a void, intoxication, sexual sin, gossip (that comes from trying to make yourself feel better), materialism…

What is it for you?

I learnt something yesterday as my knees were bent on the cold wooden floor seeking God,

The more we worship Christ the more we become like Him in character, that’s the art of transformation in our lives.

Worshipping Him more,

When our mind’s are filled with His goodness, His characteristics, His desires, His truth. We adopt His likeness and live it out.

nov 4th 3

We must empty ourselves, so He can fill us back up. Clear our mind, hand over earthly desires and allow him to remould, to reshape us.

Is it time to turn your eyes, heart and mind back to your Heavenly Father and allow Him to consume every part of you?

1. Can you identify an area that has stolen your focus or demanded more from you then it should?

2. If there is an area that you must give back to God, then what practical steps can you take?


3 thoughts on “Imperceptible Ways

  1. Hannah, what a wise sister in Christ you are! Thank you for sharing, this. It is always a spiritual battle til we go home. Keeping Christ on the throne, becoming more like Him is more fulfilling than anything. However we need reminders like this to refocus since we live in a world that sells the self is all and we deserve it all. When what He offers is the best, all other is empty, He truly has our best interest at heart. God Bless you!

  2. seeing the child sitting on the leaves behind the “hedge/bushes” reminded me of my mother’s instructions that I needed quiet space/time in my life. under the lilac tree, in the coolness, quietness, hiddenness was a good place to review the 125 scripture memory verses that needed to be memorized so that I could earn a week at camp. I desperately wanted to go to camp and this was the beginning of learning to be still (while still wiggling and reviewing my verses out loud). God used that quiet time of learning His ways, of being “still” in His presence and focused on Him as part of a lifetime learning and challenge. Hannah, thanks for the reminder of the need to fill our minds with His goodness, His characteristics, His desires, His truth and His likeness.

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