Which one are you?

Have you ever been around someone who makes you feel smarter, intelligent and capable?
Liz Wiseman calls these people Multipliers. They tap into your brain power and give you permission to flourish. They will amplify your intelligence and provide opportunities for you to reach your potential.

Or have you ever been around a person who makes you question your intelligence? They drain it, place you in a box, shut you down, insult your smartness and won’t allow you to flourish (even though you are more skilled than they recognise). Liz, goes on to say that these people are called Diminishers.

If you are Multiplier then I would humbly suggest that you are secure in who you are, content and at peace with your uniqueness. Your need for recognition does not drive decisions, you eliminate competition for those around you, recognise your limitations which propels you to embrace other people’s ideas and differences. You lead those you have influence over with courage and strength yet you understand that others have gifts and talents to be used and seen. You simply believe;

Other people are smart.” Liz Wiseman

You don’t need to be centre of attention, or stamping out your authority and squelching others so praise is given but rather tap into another’s potential amplifying their God-given gifts. You use their knowledge which makes your environment stronger and more efficient. It becomes a powerful force which has an effective outcome for all involved. Why? People who feel like they are truly believed in, “Perform better and will give you their best.” says Liz Wisman.

They won’t see failing as a sign of weakness but rather a sign of courage for giving something a go.

Who do you lead and influence in your life?

The people in your home, your children, ministry, workplace, peers and others you regularly come into contact with.

Your words and attitude dictate your environment which will have a “sow and reap” type outcome.

Does your husband, your children and those you impact feel loved, nurtured and supported by you?

Or are you the type of Servant Girl who speaks harshly, is quick-tempered and undisciplined with your choice of words and actions?

“A Diminisher will control, micromanage, believe situations won’t be figured out without their intelligence or input and try to multiply their brain power instead of using other people’s knowledge around them.” Liz Wiseman

They are self absorb and will build empires with very skilled people but will allow their talent to go unused. They make decisions with limited input (a circle of one perhaps) which they try to get ‘by in’ from others (even though the decisions have already been made). A Diminisher’s character is similar to a tyrant who creates stress in their environment which is poisonous and toxic. (now those words are a mix between Liz and I)

We’ve all been around people who see our best, cheer us on and encourage but have also been subject to those named Diminishers.

The hard question is asking ourselves which camp our tent is set up in.

May I encourage you to use God-given gifts that dwell inside of others. Be at peace knowing that there is only one you, and yes you have skill and knowledge to offer but so does your mate.

There is always room to share credit and amplify your friend’s talent. To build up and encourage, to spur on and believe in another’s dreams and ideas. Your belief in your friend just might start something that has huge impact for the Kingdom. A kind word is like honey, it is sweet, soothing and brings the best out in the situation.

1.If you have been around a Diminisher what did they do?
2.How much of your intelligence did he/she get out of you (score 1-10)
3.What did your Multiplier do?
4.How much of your intelligence did he/she get out of you? (1-10)

(Questions from Liz Wiseman at the Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit 2013. For more information please refer to Liz Wisemans book “Multipliers”)


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