Knock and Ring and Tap until its done.

The towel was wrapped around her body after her shower. She is not yet dry and makes small pools of water on the hard wooden floor. “Mama, do you know Christians are being killed in Africa?” She points out her foot, toes down and makes patterns with the liquid she is dripping.

“They kill them and leave their bodies. Do you know dead people stink?” She doesn’t wait for me to answer. “If I was in Africa, and they put me in jail for being a Christian then I would speak to the guard about Jesus. I wouldn’t be hungry as I’d have a back pack filled with food. I’m not scared you know Mama.” She speaks with innocence and a peace as she lays out her words for me to hear and digest.

Charlotte has a very simple understanding that she is a citizen of Heaven.

A citizen of Heaven.

Servant Girl’s are citizens of Heaven. We understand that we live hard bringing glory to God for a season here on earth before joining Him for all of eternity.

A citizen of Heaven daringly asks her God to humbly use her. She whispers bold prayers to achieve the unattainable should it be done in the flesh.

She aligns her heart with His and pursues Him by praying for His will to be done through her.

29th October

She comes to Him with a willingness to live an unsafe life for His glory.

She opens her heart for her Lord to manifest His goodness so others can be brought to Him.

She spends time dwelling on promises written in His word and then steps out using them as her sword and shield when danger looms.

She is persistent in asking, seeking and knocking on the doors of Heaven until she hears her Father speak. Then when He whispers, she begins making requests in order to complete her God-given tasks.

She begins to ask…

oct 29th 1

Ask in Greek is “Aiteo.” It conjures up words like urgency or demanding. The need to act now.

God has laid convictions on your heart. Stop running from them beloved daughter and fear nothing.

Bow in humility to the God who forms your dreams and brings them to fruition.

“Ask and it will be given to you” said Jesus, but come in submission, be willing to give up, change and embrace new ideas so His purpose can be fulfilled by you, through you. This layers itself with seeking His ways.

Zeteo a greek word which means we attempt to learn something by careful investigation or searching.

Do you do that?

Provide space to rip open the plans God has for you?

To still yourself so His ways are made clear.

To scratch the superficial layers to get to the hidden place where revelation can be received. It takes time, patience and discipline. God wants to speak, but we must be in a place where we are willing to hear.

29th october 2

Then our heart is entwined with His will which displays His character.

We become His reflection, His image and representation.

“Kingdom citizens persist in desiring that the character, ambitions, attitudes, and behavior that Jesus called for be shown consistently in our lives. Yet we realize how impossible this is given our weaknesses, our propensity for sin, and our lack of power to obey . . . So our Lord tells us to call upon the God of the impossible! In other words, what Jesus has commanded in attitude, ambition, behavior, and deed cannot be done apart from persistent, ongoing, regular, faithful prayer.” Phil Newton.

There is a door for you to knock on, it has your number and your job description inside of it.

Go on, bang on it hard, Jesus assures us that He will give us the means to accomplish the otherwise impossible.

1. In what way can you practically show God’s love to someone you know today? Extraordinary lives are lived by normal people like you and me.

2. Is there a conviction, a nagging being done by the Holy Spirit where He is asking you to do “your something” for Him? Where do you need to show courage?

3.How can you prepare yourself now, so you are ready to listen to God’s nudges as you complete your day? E.g. Pray for insight into people lives, ask for opportunities to see need or shape your heart so it’s willing to obey.


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