A Sermon From Me to You:)

Hi Friends,
Just thought I could change it up a bit…Here is a sermon I preached this past Wednesday night. It touches on radical faith, our move back to Australia and obedience.

Bless you and much love,


6 thoughts on “A Sermon From Me to You:)

  1. well done. spoken with honesty, conviction and passion. I look forward to hearing the reports of how God uses you in ministry to your children, with your husband and in ways we can’t imagine at this point in time. Love your heart. thanks for the privilege of your friendship over this past couple of years. love you much, Jan

  2. Hannah, You are a wonderful speaker, I’m glad Liz asked me to come. I shared your message with my daughter Sacha and it dove tailed into what she was contemplating with her church group this week. A happy coincidence for us both. I look forward to your blog arriving weekly and would attend any sermon you put on. All the best to you and A.B. I will miss having you here with us. I’m hoping I will have your (pl.) sermons on the internet when you go back to Sydney. Glynis Steel (Liz MacDonalds’ Friend) Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 16:27:10 +0000 To: glynbill@live.ca

    • Glynis, it was a delight meeting you the other night! Thankyou for your time in coming and your words of encouragement. What a blessing to connect with you.
      I’m SO glad God spoke to Sacha and I wish her all the best with whatever decisions she has to make.
      Bless you and stay in touch.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing and being open! God speak to so many through you! You and your family will be greatly missed when you head back to Australia!

  4. Thanks for a great sermon Hannah. It gave me a taste of what’s to come for us in May. l really appreciated your honesty and conviction, and l have some understanding of your pain of having to say goodbye to such a wonderful family. It’s not always easy to be obedient, l certainly get where you’re coming from, but l know God will bless you and AB as you follow His plan for your life. You will be greatly missed in Canada and we will be greatly blessed in Australia.
    Looking forward to meeting you again in May. God bless you heaps.
    Love Debbie

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