Home is what you make it.

I am the first to say that our family, our home, our children and our marriage isn’t perfect. You only have to spend a short amount of time with me to get a reality check that Pastor’s and their families don’t have it all together. There seems to be a strange stigma attached to our lives which suggests we are a picture perfect unit, we are not.

Sometimes I cuss, sigh too loud with impatience, fight battles that should be laid to rest, raise my voice, forget gratefulness and live a very human life.

I do however, desire for our home to be blessed so we can be a blessing. To invite others into a safe place where they feel they belong, are loved, and cherished.

bless this home

I often find myself embarrassed about the wrong things, my humble farm-house, laundry piled high, toothpaste marks in the bathroom sink or toys scattered across the floor. I can lose focus of the right things, the things unseen. Like Character, relationships, children’s creativity, cups of tea and my terrible baking, conversation, laughter, making enjoyable memories and our anchor…Christ.

blessed home 2

The question that I need to pose to myself and you if you’re daring, is this.

What do You hunger for in your home?

This question begs to be answered with raw honesty. As you reflect back over your past week, what does your lifestyle, your decisions, your home look like?

Where did you pour your time and money?

Was there a certain image being maintained?

I’ve fallen into this trap.

A thirst within wants to focus on things which are external. A constant desire feeds an insatiable appetite which demands to be satisfied.

A need to constantly buy and upgrade yearns, you give in as your ego needs the injection. Your wanting to make a statement to those who see, while a discontentment breeds a cycle that becomes dangerous.

Your self-esteem is wrapped around that which will be destroyed by moths, Vernon and rust.

A weariness is felt as contentment and satisfaction seem to be buried somewhere within as you choose not to stop the fight. Around and around in circles you go spending money and filling your barns with what?

Who are you trying to impress?

blessed home 3

Or you find yourself entangled in the web of performance. Boasting about achievements, children, career, ministry, studies…Its all personal as we are all on our own path.

We puff ourselves up and then happily display our show reel, our highlights to the world giving a false statement of who we actually are.

Our message strong which shape the culture of our home. An undertone governing our decisions.

blessed 4

“Blessed is she who hungers and thirsts after righteousness for she will be filled.” Matthew 5:6

When we have an appetite for the things that will keep us hungry then we must change our menu and feed off that which will satisfy.

A blessed house my friend, builds its foundation on Christ alone. When He becomes the epicentre, the driving force of our family’s decisions, values and ethics then we will be filled.

I encourage you not to be luke warm, there is a difference between a ‘Christian family’ and a Christ centred family…does that make sense?
It’s easy to hide behind a title but living out our faith takes practise and effort.

Create your home environment to have daily “sanctuary moments.” I understand that life is chaotic and busy so be intentional.

Lead your children to God’s throne,

Teach them how to pray and hear from Him.

Talk about His character and how He loves deeply,

Bring God into everyday conversation so His name is known,

Intentionally point out our Creator when you see natural beauty like a sunset.

A warm inviting home is built on the love of Jesus and that Servant Girl is truly a blessed home.


14 thoughts on “Home is what you make it.

  1. Thank you hannah I love your words of encouragment &all those lovely photos yes people think we as christians are perfect or suppose to b I am at the moment trying to turn the other cheek its very hard but thanks again love yo Dolly Australia

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