A Letter

Dear Servant Girl,

You have a Father who pursues you with grace abounding love. The type of love that is relentless and fierce and fights on your behalf.

The type of love that will not give up when others have. You see, it’s easy to have a warped sense of what Heavenly love is as you live in a world that lets you down. You’ve taken your thoughts and experiences and flung them into your relationship with God and the truth has become distorted.

Others have wounded leaving a hole which has manifested, infected…an infection that has blurred your perception of His goodness, kindness, gentleness and grace.

You’ve become very clever at hiding, isolating yourself, placing barriers up as you feel they are safer.

You’ve settle for the common friendship as you’ve stopped being daring in baring who you truly are. It hurt last time and even the time before so why wouldn’t God hurt too?

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He knows that about you. He knows every silent thought that catches your breath, the insecurities that encompass, He has bottled your tears that have burnt your cheeks late into the night. Liquid salt falling as words and thoughts replay themselves like a nightmare.

He sees the days when you feel scared and unsure and want to cry out to someone…scream at Him. Run to arms wide open, the same arms that saved you on that rugged cross, arms that heal the wounded soul.

He wants to meet you right where you are, right in this moment and speak His truth to your parched soul. To mend any brokenness that lies hiding in your heart. He wants to bring you out of captivity and into freedom.

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He wants to give you the best life and life is only best with Him, remember that.

It’s been said that “You can’t change that which you don’t acknowledge.” It only has to start with a whisper and willingness.

He can begin repairing when we offer our shard pieces, bit by bit healing can begin.

He understands when others misunderstand, He knows the truth about you.

So when you feel like falling, defeated and overwhelmed then know that’s the moment you must find courage and rise. Dust your knees off and stand, as standing allows you to take a step forward. It opens opportunity to push forward by simply placing one foot in front of the other. It propels you into a forward motion straining on for what is ahead.


Use His love as a mantra for your life. You are His beloved daughter who is cherished, desired, purposeful and delighted in.

Believe it. Live it.


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