Our Journey Home to Three Rivers.

This is my 100th blog entry and the hardest one to write. The Pastor I call Husband and I have been on a journey, a journey to leave our wonderful Canadian family and return to Sydney Australia to start a church.

The Lord, He has this amazing ability to interrupt plans, change dreams, create fresh desire, give courage and daringly ask servants to do the unimaginable.

My husband and I have been led to blaze a new trail, to pioneer a movement which takes callous knees and open hands to do. The type of calling that can only be birthed and sustained by God alone. The perfect place where He gets all recognition and allows us to be vessels.

We have a passion, it burns in our bones and keeps us dreaming together late into the night. It simple yet complex, to love people radically. We want others to know God by our example of agape. That through our imperfections a pointing will be done to Jesus. We get it wrong at times, mess up and stumble but our motives are pure.

A holy dissatisfaction has birthed as we see statistics of the next generation abandoning faith in Christ- its time for us all to be proactive and live out our God ordained conviction. Our heart is to reach out, enable, encourage, spur and create a place of belonging to any person but especially those who don’t know Christ. We will not die wondering what small part we can play…not on our watch.

We observe the aching need our society has…It screaming out for raw authentic relationships. We all want to be seen, accepted and loved. How do I love loads of people well…the answer is poorly, I simply can’t.

So an uncomplicated answer is to keep the groups of people to a smaller size. To create a place where you are welcomed and embraced just as you are. The type of environment where judgement is abandoned and mercy given. The type of place where masks and facades are left at the door and you enter just as you are. Imperfect yet perfectly loved by the King of the universe.

The type of community where your children are embraced and mentored by a solid gathering of ages, an outpouring of life given amongst one another, weekends away, tears, joy, prayer, laughing- The messy yet beautiful space where day-to-day life is journeyed together and never in isolation.

You see we don’t go to church but those who believe in Christ are the church.

So a space in time has been carved where this Husband and Wife unite as Pastors for Three Rivers and follow our God ordained dreams.

The concept of Three Rivers will be revealed further in the near future and answer questions of how is it different to a ‘home church’ model. That will all come at a later stage. For now we have an amazing church family to stay invested to. Our Canadian family have gotten into our hearts and we love them deeply. The Pastor I call Husband and I have had our hearts split in two at the thought of saying ‘Goodbye.’


6 thoughts on “Our Journey Home to Three Rivers.

  1. well spoken! love your heart & passion. Praying for many unexpected God moments and surprises in the journey to return to Australia and that God shows up in incredible ways in you, through you and even despite you!!

    Jan Congram 393 Pinehurst Drive Belle River, Ontario N0R 1A0 519-727-6705

    Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 17:43:37 +0000 To: jscongram@sympatico.ca

  2. We just returned to Sydney 3 weeks ago, where we are seeking His direction as we step into a new phase of our own life-adventure. Recent months of ‘L8rs have been affirming but unsettling. It’s hard to leave people and relationships where we’ve invested so deeply. It’s good that we know that in Christ our relationships don’t end, and technology helps us keep in touch (thru skype, etc.).

    We look forward to seeing and hearing more what He has in store for you and AB! It sounds like you have vigour and vision for a new venture! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find support in new and old friends when you get here. I’m also sure you’ll both continue to be an encouragement and support to others, encouraging us to keep an authentic and attractive Christ-life.
    Pete and Soph.

  3. Thankyou Dear Pete and Soph. After reading this I started thinking about you guys. Isnt it amazing how on reflection you see what others have played out in your life. You two for me…a teenage girl watching two newly weds go o/s, have a family and serve God wholeheartedly = inspiring. An example that although unsaid helps shape a now woman of 32 ready to do the same. Thankyou!!!
    Bless you both as you now seek a new direction.

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