Your Turn.

Joshua Lothliebman wrote-“We achieve inner health only through forgiveness-the forgiveness not only of others but also of ourselves.”

This quote caught my eye. I have made many mistakes in life that I’m not proud of. Damaged relationships, my marriage, my self-esteem and others close to me.
Decisions that saw me on my knees begging for forgiveness and being released as a new creation in Christ.
But sometimes I find it hard to forget. My twenties saw a lot of growth but that typically came after I train wrecked situations. I have fallen into old patterns at times but now wisdom speaks through the Holy Spirit and my willingness to hear and act trumps. I still struggle but the struggles have changed as I’ve gotten older.

The challenge is now living out ‘self forgiveness’ and remembering that God keeps no record of wrong.

Confess, repent and live in forgiveness.

I’m wondering how many of us still live in silent bondage for the shameful behaviour we once engaged in?

We’ve taken it to the cross where we have received fresh grace yet forgotten to show it to ourself.

Then I pose the question internally…If I’m not forgiving myself then am I insulting Jesus for what He did for me on that rugged cross? Am I saying that He isn’t enough?

Are you?

If He declares that it’s finished then why can’t I?

Do I believe that if I pay pennants for a certain amount of time and live in guilt for a season then it’s appropriate to forgive myself?

Why in the world would I think living in self-condemnation will fix anything, change my past decisions? What’s done is done.

The darkest place within your heart can find light and hope.

forg 1

The secret that has suffocated you for many years can be abandoned if you’re willing to let go…

Keeping yourself locked up in lies and telling yourself that you are unforgivable will eat you alive. It will dictate decisions, create cycles for behaviour and keep you in bondage.

I urge you Friend, do not be overwhelmed with shame or disgrace any longer.

When you take it to Christ seeking forgiveness then it’s freely given. Stop complicating the process- “Go and sin no more.”

forg 2

Now You need to forgive You.

You are forgiven for lying,

You are forgiven for fraud,

You are forgiven for adultery,

You are forgiven for gossiping,

You are forgiven for your eating disorder,

You are forgiven for treating your children harshly,

You are forgiven for your anger and bitterness,

You are forgiven for Lust,

You are forgiven for your poor choices.

What ever it is…


Live it out.


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

The moment has arrived right now for you. If you need to seek forgiveness from someone then I urge you to do it. Rise in boldness and make amends. Apologising might be part of the process.

Reading this is no mistake and it’s time to heal and move forward as a Servant Girl filled with freedom. Bless you.


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