Yesterday was the type of morning where I woke with an attitude that deserved to stay in bed. I had only been awake no longer then ten minutes when the Pastor I call Husband got a whiff of my potent mood asked what the matter was.
I actually had no answer and told myself to shake it off, get happy and not allow my emotion to seep into our home environment.

We ended up shopping in the States, negotiating Sunnys anxiety, forgetting food for our screaming ten month old and on our return home finding a pool of blood all over our lounge from a dog on heat which was staying with us for a few days. Gratitude lost in that moment…

I was on my morning run reflecting on yesterday and the analogy that came to mind was this…Any person who has smelled skunk spray understands the potency it has. The stench gets into the air conditioning of a car, up your nostrils and sits heavily permeating a unique smell.

The correlation presented itself in the form of a question.

What type of scent do you spray?

Is your aroma that which brings people to you?

Or do have an ability to repel those you come into contact with leaving you isolated and lonely?

Toxic character pollutes an environment which eventually kills the good.

The trick is asking ourselves the hard questions and then being brave enough to answer with brutal honesty.

Poll 1

Each behaviour has a reason. It stems from a root which may be buried deep, breeding in darkness. A lack of self-awareness provides the perfect climate and we begin to escalate in areas that we wish we wouldn’t.

The deeper the hurt or insecurity the harder we strike.

We are all wounded and balance the scale of fragility and strength.

Being open and transparent can be the most terrifying place to live yet its one of the most freeing choices we can make.

It’s a simple as making a deliberate decision by saying ‘Yes.’

poll 2

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

Use these words as a mantra, shout them out when pain overwhelms, use them to strengthen your weary soul. Wear them like a cloak as you unleash your hurt and fight for healing. Psalm 147:3

Friend, Jesus Christ is a safe refuge who will deliver you from all hurt. I encourage you to open your clenched hands and release your grip allowing Him control to change you. We are all a working progress who require courage to strip back layers and heal.

Be that person who is self-aware and stop making excuses for offensive behaviour.

Rise to your higher calling and allow God to fulfill your potential in every area. Don’t you want to engage life to its fullest?

Don’t miss out by being blind sighted.

Abandon doubt, stand firm in truth and lead a worthy life. You can do it.

poll 3

Augustin Guillerand a French Carthusian monk said this…

“Someone (God) wounds our soul with a wound that will never heal, and it is through that wound that He finds His way to the very center of our being.”

God is the answer.


2 thoughts on “Pollution

  1. I loved everything you had to say….so very true. We can heal and God is close to the brokenhearted! And we have to ask ourselves hard questions about who are we attracting, Let the healing begin for anyone who is walking, crawling through whatever circumstance it is, sometimes we have to go through a whole grieving process for the healing to begin. Everyone could use some type of community with one another.

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