Meek is not Weak.

His words will never say what his blue eyes speak. When disappointment comes his way he simply filters his reaction and then acts. He chooses his response believing to see the very best in the other person, knowing they are a valued child of God and they have their reasons.

He coaches me silently, his life pointing me to Christ teaching without words. Over eleven years of marriage, journeying through tremendous heart-break and standing on mountain tops one thing has stayed the same…his meekness. He and his Mama both share gentle blue eyes and this beautiful attribute.

He will be the first to say it’s a characteristic he is working on, but I see behind closed doors, the unseen which hundreds upon hundreds of people aren’t privy to and he is a man who truly follows hard after God.

Meekness can be perceived as weak, but I see weak when someone shoots words deliberately wounding. An unharnessed tongue shredding and demeaning.

Harsh words are spat when a perpetrator is threatened.

A Servant Girl who knows her position in Christ understands the power found in the meek spirited.

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Her self-discipline in a threatening situation manifests and she lays herself down in order to lift Christ up.

She bridles her emotions and can control her tongue. For she knows that too many words are folly.

She has foresight, emotional intelligence and sees potential damage if she was to lash out without thinking.

She displays an admirable strength which brings beauty to her character.

“Meekness is essentially a true view of one self, expressing itself in attitude and conduct with respect to others. It is therefore two things: It is my attitude towards myself; and it is an expression of that in my relationship to others.” Martin Lloyd Jones

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Godly fear will place us in a posture where true reverence is displayed.

The order put correctly…He is God we are not and He still chooses to love. This is not poor self esteem or poor thinking of oneself but a humbling act of submission to the God of the Universe.

We acquaint ourself with the truth that we are imperfect therefore understand John Bunyan when he wrote “When he is down he fear no fall.”

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The truth although very hard to accept at times about our self, is a step to living in true freedom. The opportunity for ‘self work’ opens and propels us into action-inner healing.

No more façades or masks just the raw you.

The Pastor I call Husband preached these words “When you embrace the truth about you, the good, the bad and the ugly then derogatory words can not touch you and meekness has room to grow. It’s in essence what Paul calls dying to self. Dying to pride. Dying to vanity. Dying to have to be right. Dying to bigger and better. When these are dead then meekness has room to flourish.”

We will all be placed in situations where meekness has an opportunity to present itself. Opinions will clash, others will speak against you and actions will cause offense. It’s in these very moments we as Servant Girls have a choice.

We can govern our responses and take responsibility in the way we react.

Grab a hold of perspective when opposition confronts you and allow meekness to demonstrate the type of person you are.


2 thoughts on “Meek is not Weak.

  1. Hannah, well spoken words. what a struggle meekness has been for myself, so counter culture, so counter intuitive – yet, we are called to be strong & meek! thanks for your tho’ts & challenge

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