Filled Up.

“Charlotte close your eyes and listen, Mama is going to teach you a way to hear from God. When I finish praying I want you to tell me if you see a picture or word in your mind.”
I ask the Lord to speak to my seven year old believing that He loves His little children so much that He would whisper and show her that He is alive and willing to meet her in this very moment.
We lay close to each other in our pajamas allowing a space in time to shape her relationship with the Lord of the Universe.
A few moments later she begins to speak “Mama I see a picture of red and green swirls and then the word ‘Trust’ written.”
We talk excitedly about this and share a precious mother and daughter moment.

Trust requires faith and faith requires trust.

sunset blog

The world will spin itself into chaos instructing us to be self-reliant. It suggests that we are the answers to all questions and the need of something greater is an indication that we are weak.

So many of us encounter life, dance awkwardly with what it presents missing out on a God given depth. We float along striving to fill empty voids, engage in meaningless activities and superficial relationships yet come out disappointed because we are sold out to the lie that we fix all problems.

Yet God in His patience and goodness waits for us to see that He is the solution.

Self has limits but He is limitless.

As we thirst and hunger after His ways, His heart and His kingdom something truly amazing happens. It’s called blessing.

fill ourselves blog

Blessing…God’s favour and protection pours out saturating the famished soul with His goodness. A river of peace flows reviving the arid places which cry out for more. His joy seeps into the heart which has longed for a heavenly touch.

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Pursuing Christ will mould a servant girl into His likeness.

When a longing is born to live for Christ fully, then legalistic behaviour is abandoned because “should” becomes “desire.”

The rituals and law abiding tendencies which potentially govern our relationship with Christ diminish, and a craving for His ways manifests. This inturn stems a thirst for righteousness and when we hunger for righteousness the bible promises we will be filled.

The Psalmist understood what is was to have an appetite that only God could satisfy…”As the deer pants for streams of water, so I long for you O God.” Psalm 42:1

Have you got a hunger pang that you desperately attempt to fill?

You search and search seeking nutrition yet you feel dissatisfied at each attempt?

Your priorities are to fill the emptiness of the ‘now’ believing you can provide and sustain your needs.

Limiting God and remaining in control seems to be your answer yet you find yourself in the same place you were six months ago…empty.

The upside down kingdom seems ridiculous to those who aren’t attuned to hearing Heavenly whispers or seeing with spiritual eyes.

The meek are actually strong they just don’t use force,

The gentle and lowly will one day become rich…They will inherit the whole earth.

Those with a heart who seek Jesus will find themselves deeply satisfied and filled to overflowing.

The question is…will you stop looking in the wrong spot?


4 thoughts on “Filled Up.

  1. “Limiting God and remaining in control seems to be your answer yet you find yourself in the same place you were six months ago…empty. ”
    These are words I want to post in my car, on my office wall, text to myself as a reminder of where to focus.
    Your words are a true gift. Not a gift found in any store or market or catalogue, but a priceless gift delivered straight to the heart. Much love my friend.

  2. Thanks Hannah, Its the red and green swirls, for me red is stop and green is go, because they swirl, it gives me a new way to think about moving forward with trust, keep going through the trust green is right there, don’t let the red stop you, its not a stop, its a swirl (hurl) toward green go! Hard to put into words I guess, but I love that you asked Charlotte this and I think your influence is preparing her to be an amazing woman like her mom!!!! Stay hungry and thirsty my friend! Deb xoxo

    • Isn’t it amazing that God speaks to us regardless of age…Then as her mama I teach her discernment and coach in this area. I LOVE how it flows and you hear something different! God is alive and speaks:)

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