Charli’s FL Story.

“We love each other as a result of His loving us first.” 1 John 5:19

Eight hours of travel down to sunny Florida with my baby and seven year old. Boarded the flight, felt the fever burn in my infant as we flew, got to destination, fought with four bags, a pram and a sweaty brow to get to the taxi. The excitement was too overwhelming for anything to interfere with joy. Got to the resort where a lady jumped the cue, I needed to remember agape love as I juggled now a sick little eight month old. At the counter the explosion on vomit poured out like a volcano from the depth of Lacey Drew. The warm lava spilling down my legs and all over the floor. For a moment I wanted to cry but with grace I asked for “A towel” continued my conversation, wiped up spew and asked “Where the local grocery store was?” The receptionist looked at me seeing that I had reached my limit and gently said “A walk near the highway through the long grass and behind the next resort.”

The weather was in the high thirties and perspiration was pouring down my face. “Welcome to Florida” I said to Charli Girl. She picked a flower as we neared the shops and asked if she could give it to “The lady at the register?”
“Mum. I have changed my mind. I don’t want to be an Artist, Flight Attendant or Pastor any more. I want to be someone who gives everything away.”

“God lives in us and His love has been brought to full expression through us.”


Her child like faith is expressed simply and easily. Plain and uncomplicated. Charli understands that the world is in need and she has a role to play. The old saying ‘See a need fill a need.’

We trek back to the resort where we finally hit the pool and there she meets Sadie. A precious little girl with Down Syndrome. My seven year old doesn’t notice the differences. With delight she learns how to sign so she can now communicate with her pool buddy, squeals at being pushed in the pool rather than offended and excuses without hesitation the social differences between them.


“God is love, and all who live in love live in God and God lives in them.” 1 John 5:16

Her actions speak so very clearly to this Servant Girl. Charli has a pure untainted love for those she comes into contact with. God has crafted her with a big heart but she has choices to make to live out her values even if she is at a young age.


We as adults come into contact with all sorts of people from different backgrounds and demographics and in those moments we can decide how we express the love God. The light of His goodness can burn brightly as we live hard after the King or it can be suffocated, lay dormant as we busily fill daily agendas and tasks.

Living a slow life and being in every God given moment is a challenge beyond words. To see…really see others is a challenge which we must rise and take. For aren’t we preaching sermons each time our feet hit the floor? Sermons without words but with action to those we come into contact with. Our values, morals and ethics are on display for all to see.

Following the footsteps of Jesus and acting with His kindness may be the only exposure your neighbour has to Christianity. The only chance for that person to see that His love drives out all fear and a life of peace is awaiting them.

His perfect love has perfected You…Go in His name and do great things.

Reject complacency and a mediocre lifestyle and accomplish.

My prayer is for your heart to expand, wide open to receive His love so You can be His love. May you live in His grace and be His grace to those in need.


3 thoughts on “Charli’s FL Story.

  1. Thanks for sharing – she sounds like a pretty specially little girl. Also sounds like her mother and father. My Andrew always felt special with both of you. X

  2. you have a precious daughter! love her heart. The impact of having a sibling who is wired in different ways can create a tender, knowing, seeing perspective. In addition, there is good parenting in the mix! way to go in nurturing and affirming her open heart and spirit as she, too, seeks to follow hard after God.

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