Brave Servant Girls

“Because sometimes serving God is messy.” It was her first time at our home church. The community around us talked as the Spring wind blew maple trees in our backyard. Her words like the breeze renewing this servant girl. I stood and looked directly into her brown eyes allowing the comment to feed my soul.

It had only been that morning the Pastor I call Husband had tenderly led his flock to the table of remembrance and thanksgiving. Jesus paid the ultimate price, truth rings loud within my soul. A knowing that His death a gift for me to live eternally. Yet there is an understanding that truly living for Christ requires sacrifice.

He calls willing hearts to stand in His name for His name.


Come just as you are to love eternal who showers any child with grace and fresh mercy. He has a plan for you.

There have been times that I’ve asked Him to lift His convictions and replace them with a new direction. Tears falling which are a symbol of me begging Him to choose someone else for the path He’s opened up. He gently leans in and reaffirms His will to this servant girl. I have nothing to do except rise in His ways, His goodness and walk into ordained days.

Radicalism looks crazy to an outsider who hasn’t heard the same Heavenly whispers. Judgement may burn with a lack of understanding as Christ places different convictions on different hearts.

Did Andrew and Simon stand with courage the very first time Jesus asked them to be His disciples? Or did He patiently sit on the shore of Galilee, feet in water, sun setting and have a deep conversation explaining himself to two fisherman? Jesus had a new direction for these guys. Life was still going to be about fishing but it changed from fish to people. A new reality was being carved and shaped for two men who would go on to do great things.

Where is God calling You?

When you die to self then God is able to come in and rebirth new creation and lead you on a new journey.

Source: via Clarissa on Pinterest


The text says Andrew and Simon “left their nets at once.” They stepped into the unknown leaving everything they knew behind.


Living hard, engaged with Christ is thrilling yet costly. He does ask us to give up what we know in order to love Him. To lay down ourselves in humility so He can mould clay hearts to serve His causes.

Are you willing? Or do you fight, buck against Him in stubbornness?

Servant Girls are needed. Abandon agenda and realign dreams with His will. To leave nets on the shore of Galilee and walk with a man who hung on a rugged cross. The man who understood that He had a job to complete.

What would happen if you didn’t finish your job?

Find the courage and be resolute about your job description. It’s been hand written-etched for you to complete.


Be unafraid and audacious for the King. Trust Him.

Conquer the obstacles, don’t use them as excuses as one day you will slip into eternity to meet the God of Heaven. The finest words your spirit can hear is “Welcome good and faithful servant.” He will even crown some of you for your work.


Pursue Him with gust and fiercely walk with boldness into your Higher calling. Leave opinions behind and strive to love your Father in Heaven. His ways may not have been your ways but He knows exactly what He is doing.

Breathe in faith and strengthen your soul. You can do it as you’re never alone.

Follow Him relentlessly.

Step out. Step up. Step into whatever He is whispering to you right now.


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