C’mon Mate.

“A friend loves at all times.” She stops, I see it in her blue eyes that she’s searching for the words to finish off the verse. She continues “And is with you in times of trouble.” She smiles big, proud of her accomplishment. “You can use that for your blog Mum” she says confidently.

My seven year old was quoting Proverbs 17:17. My heart swells knowing she is storing away treasure in her heart, building it strong for days ahead.

Friendship raw and organic offers gentleness, wisdom, kindness, humour, grace, thoughtfulness, a listening ear, love and a way to point your eyes to Jesus.

The list is tough. So when you find her, you fight for that relationship with might. The journey we all embark on takes us to the lowest of low and the highest of highs. When you have her next to you than the load is shared, halved because the burden becomes lighter as she is walking by your side.


When she sees you, really sees, then expectations are loosened because she knows how you function. She understands that you have areas of strength and weakness.
She’s the type that doesn’t need long conversations of explanation because she reads your eyes and discerns what’s going on.

She knows how to make you smile, what makes you squirm and feel pushed. When she hones your character, she does it only with right intention-God given intention and seasons the situation with grace.

She knows your appalling parts but loves you anyway. She knows that love is a decision not an emotion that dwindles when needs are not met or the road becomes too tough. Instead of running she falls to her knees in prayer, praying for another servant girl with gust and her God given power.

She stands strong and instills excellent morals when her friend is in time of need.

She only speaks goodness about you and never allows her tongue to bring destruction.


She’s the one that you open your heart to, smashing barriers and pretense to display the woman within. Masks are dropped, facades broken and permission to be you is given. You do this with confidence because you know that she leaves judgement at the doorstep as she enters your world.

Source: flickr.com via Clarissa on Pinterest


She speaks life into the fragile parts and screams from the sideline, cheering you on, telling you that you can make the distance.

She stands behind you quietly bringing a confidence to your day.

She inspires you to fulfill your Heavenly Calling. Protecting it when the enemy attacks.

She chooses not to be offended but rather pours kindness into the hard moments as she realises we all have bad days…

She laughs with you when mistakes are made and is the first to rejoice when something exciting happens.

She understands that jealousy and insecurity ruins lives and stifles friendship so is relaxed in knowing who she is. No striving, no changing to please but is content within herself and her gifting’s.


She’s the one that you talk about sitting next to in a rocking chair, over looking a beautiful view one day when your old and grey. Remembering life together and reminiscing about the good old days.

If you have her, a friend that is a precious jewel in your life, then take this opportunity to let her know how grateful you are.


4 thoughts on “C’mon Mate.

  1. Hannah, so beautifully spoken. that’s why I love the Fiery Five – some of the gals & I have been friends for over 40 years!!! we’ve seen a lot happen in that time, still cherish the friendship with each other and seek for ways that we can support other women in their journey of marriage, family life and just life.

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