A Simple Truth

His father came from the lineage of an ancient royal family, King David they say.
His mother was related to a priestly clan, yet by the time his lungs sucked air and vernix was wiped the social status had disappeared. The rank which provided an elite membership had faded and there it began, the humble story in a manger that starry evening.

Yet the humble in this tale manifests into the extraordinary.

He lived a selfless life as he taught, fought for the marginalised, loved and encouraged others. His wondrous life puzzling spectators, some tongues heavily criticised calling Him blasphemes, yet he walked closely with His Father and knew who He was. He did not give up or give in to opinion. He ran the race and stayed true to His calling. Obedience at it’s finest.

Towns of people saw a man enter and leave but during His stay witnessed incredible power. Jesus never boasted or did anything out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but rather placed value of others above Himself (He sets the same challenge in Philippians 2 for us).

His actions often spoke sermons which didn’t require endless words.

“The worst promotion” says the Pastor I call Husband “is self promotion.”

Your character and values will speak about who you are-Hush and Act.

Quietly, and unassuming Jesus reached out and performed in the supernatural. Healing the sick in the physical and spiritual. He Rebuilt people from the inside out.

In my mind’s eye I see this man who I worship filled with gentleness and patience as I encounter His power. He leans in wiping away my chaff with His kindness and mercy. This servant girl being restored and remodeled for days ahead.
His selfless love embracing my broken battered parts as he performs the extraordinary. He leaves me nothing to do except bend my knees in thanksgiving and shout praises to His glorious name.

Where do you need his touch?

This man who sees every part of you and still calls you loved, wanted, and beautiful-His.

Your feet may have taken you to the darkest places, or thoughts overpowered you keeping you enslaved to lies, or words may have cut which have left wounds deep and raw.

There is hope eternal for you. A healing that breaks chains and bondage to set any captive free.

Reach out daringly to abounding grace and seek Him fully.

He is right there, right here right now.

Don’t hide friend, but open your heart to the flood gates of heaven. To blessings filled with peace which strengthens your soul. His joy yours to discover.


A feeling of pleasure but often is accomplished by making the decision to live in it.

Joy. It’s an emotion that is easily snatched if the courageous heart doesn’t fight for it.

Cling to this three lettered word. J-O-Y

Abide in Him and your heart will align to His creating an outpouring of thanksgiving. All you need is a glimpse, a taste to discover that God is good forever and ever Amen.

Jesus, simply Jesus. A man, yet fully God who opens arms wide, gives you true identity, smiles at the Kings daughters with sheer delight and calls you by name.

Jesus, a gift for you to receive right now.


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