Sisters in on it together.

It was the time of day when the sky displayed rich pinks as the sun set over the field. We sat amongst the glow of candles sipping coffee and eating gooey caramel. The warmth of sisterhood felt as women of all ages huddled in His name for His name. We laughed with each other, shared stories and chatted.

Time ticked and the evening moved. An opportunity opened for us, His daughters to be courageous, to dig in and expose our hearts-Sisterhood raw and pure.

We began to dissect the challenge which some of us both near and far are taking. A dare to strip, mould, and rebuild parts of our inner that needs refinement.

A character detoxification ridding the dirt which builds up over time in habits both known and unknown. Insight equating to a deep cleanse washing impurities and transforming so women walk in freedom-living fully.

(The Challenge-You are welcome to join us)


I listened to ladies open themselves up revealing the hidden. Organic conversation flowed easily which is a gift to the listener and speaker. Some wiped tears, others swallowed hard, older ladies granted wisdom upon the younger. It was evident to any spectator that there is and was a desire for all involved for life to be lived to capacity, an overflowing of goodness found in Him-Christ alone.

It’s a radical concept watching individuals surrender to the King in order to find themselves. A fresh existence bubbles to the surface, it’s undeniable as it ever present in persona.

Imagery capturing an unfolding of a flower in Spring. It unveils beauty for all to see and encounter. Life rich with colour. Alive and satisfying for the beholder.


Rise my friend, God intends this for you. Resist complacency and the mundane. Grab hold with both hands and unwrap His gift. It may require self work, and honest answers for your behaviour but who in the world wants to live in bondage?

What are you missing out on if you stay put or lay dormant?

I urge you not to miss a moment that presents itself with beauty…Then again, the challenge is seeing all moments as beautiful even if they are hard and disfigured.

Choose to see…


If a space of time creates messiness and heart break, I plead with you to remain in the Bread of Life.

Accept the hour and cling to everlasting love. Desire His ways with an obedient heart. He can redeem any situation-Your situation.

What was intended for evil can turn easily to good.

You see, Obedience ordains freedom.

When our lives are submitted to Christ and aligned to His convictions and instruction then our paths uniquely carved open up. Full potential is met, breathed with grace. You don’t miss a thing because your attuned to hearing His whispers and walking in His ways.

When a servant girl is communing with her Lord in each heavenly appointed moment then her life remains entangled with His.

A harmonies existence is lived and encountered because she knows with confidence what her brother Job wrote in 33:4…
“For the Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”


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