Sisterhood Raw and Pure

It’s the day my baby turns seven months, the day it reached 26 Degrees, the day the Pastor I call Husband came home to his wife a weepy mess on the porch, the day the verdict came from Sunny’s Psychologist…Deeming him with the official title ‘Intellectually Disabled’ and this is now a label he carries into life, the day his IQ ranged from <1%-2%, the day the door caught the back of my foot ripping it apart and I swore, throwing a chair from my patio onto the grass and I fell with sadness onto the ground, the day where Eucharisteo-Thanksgiving reared in a new way.

In the quiet of this morning I flick open emails from sisters in my homeland. They scribed words of encouragement, love and prayer as they remembered that my mamas heart was facing a big day.

"Hann" wrote Carly "I've just spent time with God seeking him and spent time praying for you…I'm just praying you will be filled and strengthened and know you are being carried by God who loves you and your family. Rise today with your sword and fight Hann and when your sword falls speak out another scripture of Jesus’ promises and love.”


“Hann” wrote another friend I call Hellie “My heart today stands with your heart and I hope you feel the eensiest bit more strength from that. So far my experience of being an adult isn’t at all like I imagined. Things I was distanced from, that only happened to other people, nameless faces I never truly understand, nor had to. But as I walk my road, I can’t help but realise the rocky road laid out for me was never as I imagined it-Truly a challenge, a decision everyday to seek God and understand the purpose or sometimes just to reap the comfort of His promises. I guess I never realised that the things that would challenge me would be deeply personal and take aim at some of the relationships I held most dear.So, today, I stand with you on your journey, I don’t know what yours well entail, I don’t even know what mine will entail! But I know already that I would do anything I could to make your journey that teensiest bit smoother if I can. And as for your little man, I stand with you as you reimagine his life full of dreams, new dreams.”

Sisterhood raw and pure presents itself in a real and dynamic way. My heart begins to feel full, saturated, as it’s immersed in the kind hearted ways of women who live out their faith on a day to day basis.


Women who stop, pause and contemplate the needs of others before themselves.

Women who dare to live radical lives by bending knees on behalf of another and listen to divine whispers to inspire another into Christ likeness.

They draw me out, calling forth so my eyes are lifted, my mind renewed, a fresh strength given as I battle out the day unfolding. They stand alongside me in comradeship and tell me through action I am never alone. We are knitted together in unity regardless of distance. That is the beauty of being in a family, a body where believers are one.

Refreshed, I stand, my spirit soaring with gratitude that I find beauty in the ugly.

Friend, never estimate the part you play in your neighbour’s heart. The person that God has opened doors to and directed into, onto your path. You have a reason, a purpose to play in encouraging, inspiring, journeying and just plain loving.

May you stand in Him clinging to His ways so you exemplify His character to a soul who may be parched and malnourished. Yearning for Heavens touch which comes practically from You.

Kind words, thoughtfulness, a listening ear which doesn’t interrupt the conversation, praying with passion and conviction for needs that don’t belong to you. Choosing not to be offended but rather deciding to see your friends best and giving beyond yourself.

The secret though is to walk slowly through life and into the present. There is power in living for the now.


I do want to Thank YOU, for reading Ashes to Beauty and joining me on my journey, especially with Sunny.

I pray for you, am grateful beyond words for your time, your emails and love. Life is an adventure and I’m so glad we do it together.

So I sign off by saying,

Much, much love to you.


14 thoughts on “Sisterhood Raw and Pure

  1. I want to give you the biggest hug right now. Thank you for showing up so fully in this world, and for sharing your truth. I feel guilty that I haven’t been more present for you in this journey, but know that I think of you often.

    Your sweet boy is in our prayers and in our hearts. I can see his sweet smile now.
    Much love coming right back your way….
    Dan Dan. Xo

  2. Wow, Hannah, now I know why you have been on my mind the last couple days. I have been praying for you and will continue to pray. (((BIG HUG)))

    • You Dear Cathie, are an obedient daughter with ears attuned. Thankyou for taking the time to pray! WOW is all I have to say:)

      Bless YOU!

  3. Oohh dear Hannah…woke up this morning & read this….it brought tears to my eyes, as i felt your pain. I wish I could have been there…just to sit, pray & hold you, with the kind of love our dear Lord shows. Sunny is such a “blessing”…in the way he gives back such beautiful loving smiles with blue eyes wide open. Keeping your entire family in my fervent prayers, with love & compassion on your journey through the “wall”. Much love, always, Jolene ox

  4. You are inspiring. In the midst of your pain, you blog to others, allowing us to be part of your vulnerability, and yet challenging us to be more than we are today. You are an absolute blessing in so many ways. And that boy of yours is very lucky indeed to have you for a mama…that was no mistake.

  5. Hannah, I don’t believe it for a minute. God has a much bigger plan for Sunny than 1 or 2% intellectual capacity!! such a limited measure of God’s creation and capability. Sunny has already surpassed many bench marks in his comprehension, beautiful sweet spirit, delightful teasing grin, whole hearted smiles and giggles, passion for life when he feels safe and loved, his dead on accuracy when kicking a ball, his musical penchant … only God knows the potential that He has already placed into Sunny’s mind, body and spirit. we’re with you all in the journey of supporting this little creation of God in his journey of maturation, development and growth into the young man that God intends him to be. Thanks for letting us be part of the crowd of cheering people in your and his life.

    • Sweet Jan!!! Just a big fat Thankyou for knowing our little guy and our quiet conversation at the gym. You are a blessing to so many people and a great example to all!

      Bless you friend

  6. What a sweet story of how we should rally around and support and love on our sisters in our time of need. I’m glad you have the faithful support of so many to be there and hold you up. I was reading Jan’s comments on Sunny and he sounds sweetly amazing. Only God knows the full potential of your little guy, many blessing to you and your family.

    • Alecia,
      I love your heart in understanding what sisterhood is…us together on a journey and encouraging/praying for one another.
      May these words find you well and may the Lord shower you in His goodness.

      Blessings mate,

  7. Such a blessing to have those that you can count on to lift you up and help carry you. I agree with the other that have commented that the God we serve is still in control and He will use Sunny in a mighty way not matter the degree of intellectual capacity. Praying peace and comfort over you and your family.

    • Amy, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. How wonderful your reminder is- that our awesome God is in control of all situations. What a blessing to hear from you!
      Bless You

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