It’s not a new concept, or a fresh revelation that we are wired for intimacy. A closeness between a man and a woman who feeds the central part of our being. We yearn and crave emotional engagement where barriers are broken and that special person is given permission to see the very core of our heart.

The window to our soul is opened and a deep knowing of who we are is exposed-Raw and Beautiful.

Long in-depth conversations unwind into an emotional vulnerability exposing oneself.

The picture paints a warm, inviting relationship begging devotion and a holy sacredness. Intimate relationship (not friendship) generally entangles itself with physical attraction. Romance and sexual desires are swirling around and pleading to be fulfilled.

Sex is a God given gift to be enjoyed, celebrated and desired but He restricts it to marriage. A safeguard for love.

When there is a martial commitment between two people promises are spoken with intention of forever…until death do us part.

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest


It takes choice and perseverance to fulfill the oaths made and stamina to love the other sacrificially. True love, I believe is laying down your own needs in order to pick up your spouses. It’s costly and a daily effort to love beyond yourself.

Marriage conjures up words like consecration, cherished, dedication and a sacredness. There is an awakening of two people unfolding, blossoming into a beautiful love story that stands the test of time.


It’s the place where guards are strongly enforced and adhered to. Perimeters built and a cleaving required. A dwelling where intruders are not welcomed or desired at any time…regardless.

Blurred boundaries need to be acknowledged and rectified as dangerous territory is being walked, trodden. Stop yourself from sliding down that slippery slope which will only reap harm and destruction.

Recognise the symptoms and prevent yourself from continual engagement.

Flirting with danger is flirting with inevitability…

Stop giving permission and justification to the situation. Keep short accounts of your heart and mind which leads itself to breeding thoughts resulting in action.

Who’s dictating your behaviour?

Self insight and awareness is a tool for great individual understanding. Unpacking ourselves and taking a look at our baggage required to lighten our load. “Going back to go forward” Peter Scazzero would say.

Dig. Unveil.Committ

“For love is as strong as death and it’s jealously is as enduring as the grave.” Song of Songs 8:6

Your marriage is your property that you fight hard for. Protect and nourish it so it sprouts beauty even when the winter hits. Clouds will roll in turning your blue skies grey, those trials require us to Stay.Remain.Battle.


King Solomon’s Bride requested; “Place me like a seal over your heart, or like a seal on your arm.” Song of Songs 8:6

Wonderful imagery teaching us to protect and shield our gift, our love.


4 thoughts on “Intimacy.Sex.You.

  1. I often find myself walking through this world with heartbreak. With all that surrounds me, if this place is not fueled by greed, it is by sex. We are immersed in a sexual culture, falsely veiled by romance … what chance do we have?

    But then, as darkness closes in, light breaks. It was the pastor you call husband, who put it best with a frog laden sermon.

    Blessings LARGE!

    • You fifty5words have a gift of discerning and insight! Your writing blessing many including me-THANKYOU!!!
      So glad AB was used to encourage and spur you on.

      Thank you for blessing me:)

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