True Self

Dear Friend,

Have you been like me and dug into the wrong places seeking perceived beauty? The eye easily focuses on outward adornment leaving character in the dust.

It struck hard has I watched with a gut wrenching pain at the women in the attached youtube clip. How could each perfect creation not see that they are a gloriously handcrafted?

It hit my heart with a solid thump as this girl is also on a journey of deep self acceptance.

The critical wells and speaks as self-image reflects from the mirror.

The attention given on shaping and changing perceived flaws rather than marveling at the good, the beautiful.

The temptation can become strong pulling this servant girl to seek approval in areas that create further brokeness. Self awareness comes to life and a knowing rears it’s head…standing on lies will only shard my heart further.

A push to find and reflect true womanhood is attempted.

I fall, a messy heap into grace and have a compassionate God rename me. He names Me-You-His heirs.

He labels me daughter of the light and not of darkness. (1 Thessalonians 5:5)

I am His possession to proclaim His beauty. I know it. I embody his qualities to reflect His goodness.

I start to marvel at the way my femininity is woven.

The shell is a display of God’s handiwork to rejoice in not where self worth lays its foundation.

Significance that allows a woman to find deep rest within herself comes from knowing her position in Christ.

When she is entangled in relationship with God He has room to move, to correct, to rebuild and to create her femininity that is everlasting. Her womanhood will endure testing and she can peacefully reside in His promises whilst displaying His values. His goodness.

As Vivan Soo writes “The true feminine seeks connection and relationship; they give meaning and fulfillment to her life. She is usually in touch with her emotions: seeking to know her own, as well as another’s heart. The feminine can be inviting, welcoming others to a place of nourishment and safety. In accepting her femininity, a woman displays a satisfying beauty. She is at rest with herself and knows her true value to God and others.”

Self acceptance turns the key to unlock insecurity. It opens the door wide to a world that eliminates competition and relaxes the soul recognising that all women have gifts great and small.

“What you have others don’t so allow the world to have the very best you. Not a second rate someone else”Andrew Bryant

Sisters, we are blessed when we build and establish our self identity in God alone. It nourishes and empowers us to leave false perception behind and live fearlessly as favoured daughters.

Today is the day to walk unhindered in your true self.


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