The Old Hymn

Two make shift mattresses were created for excited children. My seven year old who is a toothless beauty snuggled into her Tinkerbell sleeping bag, while her four year old brother curled up in his. They had pleaded for a sleepover in our bedroom. Their eyes searched mine for answers. I looked at the Pastor I call Husband and said “One day they will grow up and not want to sleep in our room.”
This was the first time they had asked and we treated it like they were camping. I eventually kissed foreheads and switched off bedside lamps. “Mama” she said to me “Can you sing Jesus loves me?”

I sang the words and it hushed her soul.

His name tends to do that-quietens us, stills us when the world spins into chaos and noise.

Jesus…Plain and simple yet beautifully complex.

His name allows hearts to sing “All is well” when difficult circumstances surround, stifles, suppresses.

Source: via Clarissa on Pinterest


Hush child of His and calm yourself. Be still and know that He is God.

Focus and restore your weariness with His unfailing love for you. Yes You.

Love intense and not easily angered. Love that pierces light into hidden places, blocks fear and calms life’s blizzards.

Walk into days ordained and encounter goodness…

When things don’t make sense find sense in Him. Cry out, yearn for His touch and search His ways to make your paths straight. Find courage to stand if you have fallen dusting off doubt and terror.

You can do it.


Your world may shake and crumble but you fight with might never abandoning His truth.

Following hard after Jesus can be lonely in this world…never.ever.give.up.

Misunderstanding may be spoken against you but remain in Him. Rid yourself of other’s opinions and fears and stay true to what is right and noble.

Waves rise and fall yet when we call upon the name of Jesus we have Christ himself lean in and attend to us. He sees the very core of you. He knows you. He loves You.

Yes. Jesus loves You.

Can you sing it with deep belief.

“Jesus loves me. Yes I know.”

Sing slowly, joyfully and meditate.


“Jesus loves Me. YES I know.”

His words etched and compiled into a life transforming book bringing sustenance. Manna to feed the starving soul.

“For the bible tells Me so”

Identity and purpose come forth and present themselves as a gift. Receive.

Allow them to penetrate and strengthen weaknesses.

You belong…

Push past the skin and dive into your heart. Search, dig, scrape away the chaff that has left ugly blemishes. Heal.

Renew yourself and flourish. You are made to live fully. Whole. Set yourself free claiming your heritage in Jesus. Don’t stop until you can scream from the rooftops that you are purposeful, desired, and ooze significance.

Keep singing…

“Little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong.”

Mistakes do not define you. Cease being a slave to your errors. Break free from self bondage in Jesus’ name.

Uttered repentance equals forgiveness which sweeps through birthing new creation.


Reside in your safe place, in Him so you can feel your Heavenly Father unleashing love on you, in you, to you.

When you hear the old 1800’s hymn sung, remember the words were composed for you to also receive.

“Yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me. The bible tells me so.”


4 thoughts on “The Old Hymn

    • Laurie, Thankyou for taking the time to read and encourage me through your words. Such devastation in Boston…something I have no words for-just prayers. May the Lord be near to those who need His supernatural peace during such a horiffic time.
      Bless you
      p.s Gotta love Holley Gerth!

  1. Oh dearest Hannah, your words soothe my fragile heart. Your reminders help to fill the hole in my heart that can only be filled with one…the ONE! When the world is spinning, as it is apt to do, I find stillness in the words you share. Thank you my friend for sharing.

  2. Jesus..the great physician to a sick and yearning world;
    God’s love…precious medicine that soothes and restores;
    Hannah, your words help remind us how completely blessed we are, and encourage us to marinate in the love of our Heavenly Father…thank you for courageously and obediently sharing your gift with us…real treasure!
    God bless you – much love to you and yours xx

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