AB-The Great White Hunter.

The traps were set again. The male ego was inflated and tonight was the night the Pastor I Call Husband proudly named himself “The Great White Hunter.” He smiled cheekily and I laughed.
There was a battle between a four-legged friend in the shape of a mouse and my husband going on.
Who was going to win?
The score was uneven. The clever rodent had nibbled the peanut butter out of the traps and got away with a full tummy the night before. The Pastor I call Husband deflated and defeated thought with creativeness. He was going to use ham so the mouse had to tug on the trap to set it off.
I walked down the stairs the following morning where ‘The Great White Hunter’ greeted me with a delighted smile. His face lit up as he spoke “The mouse ate out of three traps but on the fourth” he stopped grabbed my hand and led me to the spot of the kill. I reacted like a stereotypical female. He chuckled and then went on to say proudly “I’m going to leave it right here so I can show Charlotte when she comes down the stairs.”
I must have looked horrified that he was willing to leave a dead mouse in our living room to show our seven year old daughter. I lightly responded “No way. Take that thing outside and show her there.” He did, armed with a sense of humour.
He talked about his hunting skills over breakfast and how he felt primitive. I nearly choked on my oatmeal a few times with laughter but also saw a slightly serious side to him. He had achieved something, even if it was out of the ordinary.

As a wife, I only know too well how encouraging words can edify, build a solid foundation and show someone close that you truly believe in them.

When ears hear words that are sweet like honey they hearten and inspire the listener. The impact can create ‘life’ bringing hope to a circumstance that may have been potentially destroyed.


The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4

When speech is kind and grace filled it defuses hostile situations. It unmasks those who hide behind barriers, disarms fear and allows other’s to be truly known.

Kind words stimulate love.

Condemning words wound hearts and ruin souls.

Speech filled with poison that pours out of a mouth continuously comes from a place of deep hurt and insecurity. It’s a self harm mechanism that is normally used for the individual to feel better about themselves.

Yet the lack of insight creates self destruction. The vulgar trait normally sits happily in a blind spot of someone’s character leaving a trail of bruised people behind them.

Self awareness is vital for emotional health. When we are engaged with our feelings and repair dysfunctional behaviours than a freedom to live fully is encountered. Healing from past hurt and forgiving others who have marred our soul is crucial to living uninhibited.

Source: 500px.com via Clarissa on Pinterest


Don’t allow other people’s garbage restrict your existence. Find your wings and fly

Our responsibility is to choose our words wisely. Rise in Christ and be like minded as you marinate in Him. Replicate His goodness.

Remember James’ wisdom “Be Slow to speak and quick to listen.”

Abandon judgement and arm yourself with gentleness.

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”
Proverbs 16:24


As a wise woman and her Spanish husband taught me something of great value. It was to “Always speak life into others.”


3 thoughts on “AB-The Great White Hunter.

    • Ha ha Mum…I think youn meant to say “Embraces family life.” Thanks for being proud of me! Love you to the moon and back. I’m sure we’ll have a few chuckles around our family dinner table! I guess I could tell my blog friends about the WD40:)xxx

      • Beautiful; Nath was only just telling Daniel about his big brothers love for WD40 yesterday !
        Ps loved your words, as always

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