In Step.

“I just had a conversation with Gary, his mum’s cancer has spread to her brain. His eyes welled with tears as I stood with him over the back fence.” The Pastor I call husband looked helpless as he spoke.

“Gone to her brain.” I said back as a statement rather than a question.

I sat in the moment and shook my head. The words tumbled out of my mouth.

“Shame on you Hannah.” The words hung in silence.

I’ve been living in my old farm-house for over twelve months and a lady two doors down is dying of cancer and I don’t even know her name. In fact I’ve never even laid eyes on her.

I feel the weight of hypocrisy sit heavily on my shoulders. I want to shrug it off casually but it doesn’t shift. I constantly shout from the rooftops to love one another, to go the extra mile in the name of agape yet I can’t tell you who my dying neighbour is.

Life has sucked me into a busy vortex that keeps me on a merry-go-round. It’s constant rotation has blinded me, my vision becoming blurred as I spin around and around.


Busyness. So easily justified and negotiated.

Daily agenda’s are set and cemented without Heavenly consultation.

My Martha mentality keeps me on my feet rather than sitting at his…

Conviction and Spirit promptings nudge to act. I feel it from within and stifle the stirring by ignoring. I’m too busy, I’m ashamed to say.

The feeling slides away and the opportunity to be His hands feet fade in that moment.

An eternal opening closes.

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest


I must tune my heart and open my ears. How many time do I need to be told?

I tell myself to slow down.

Breathe in the moments and saunter with life.

Dance to a rhythmic beat that allows me to identify God’s promptings. Unwrap His daily gifts by being fully engaged and present.

Marching to life’s demands whilst disregarding God’s promptings suggests daily lists, programs and appointments are more important than His Holy Calling.

Going from one thing to the next wearing blinkers to maintain a focus prevents God from maneuvering. My eyes find a focal point and I am set. I don’t flinch or hesitate as I make my way to “important matters.”

A conviction stirs to stop and reside in His truth. A loving Father is always eager to meet with His daughter and commune with her.

I sit quietly to wait for His wisdom. His direction.


Heavenly whispers are heard by this servant girl. “Completely engage with me and open your heart to my constant leading, even if it is inconvenient. I need willing disciples to say ‘Yes’ rather than ‘Not Now.’ A unique heavenly calling is waiting for you to fulfill. Lives need to be touched, my love demonstrated, compassion given, justice served, and My name exalted. You need to make eternal decisions that brings impact…slow down daughter of mine and see…really see.”

I must keep in a harmonious step with Christ allowing our journey to go to unexpected places. To travel as one with the tide of life to areas that need His presence. His touch. His love.

“May the Lord make your love for one another and for all people grow and overflow.”
1 Thessalonians 3:12(a)

We as believers have countless situations to be God’s light. He directs our path with his lamp. We have to create space and follow fearlessly.

What do you need to say “Yes” to?


2 thoughts on “In Step.

  1. Dear Hannah, I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog since you gave me your address at church a couple of weeks ago. You write with such detail, thought and emotion and leave me thirsty for more. I feel as though I am with you during your experiences. You really should write a book! Thank you for sharing and allowing me to read your work. You are an inspiration.

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