Deep Rooted Courage

“So based on the other assessments I will be testing Sunny for Mental Retardation.” My gaze stays on her as she casually looks away to direct her attention on the Pastor I call Husband. The Child Psychologist continues to speak…

Mental Retardation…the words echo loudly, ring with labels and reality. I ask myself the question “Why does the word disability seem softer?” The new word that was being introduced hits hard. The strong punch winds my mama’s heart.

I tell myself who wants to stay defeated to rise. Rise as a woman of courage and not give in, back down or lose sight. The calling as a mama is not too great, no obstacle too large and I will conquer the emotion that tries to weigh me down heavily.

Rise. I have the courage to overcome

Rise. You have the courage to overcome.


For when we are weak He is strong. The God of the universe leans in and touches us with power. Open your hearts and allow him to flood you with His goodness that keeps us yearning for more. Heaven’s touch places us in a surrendered position where we know with deep understanding that He is God and we are not.

He is God we are not. In all the questions, confusion and misunderstandings that are thrown into life circumstances, remember He knows you so intimately and will meet you right where you are.

God who never sleeps but watches over you as the sun rises and sets knows every need and hears when his child whispers faintly in the night.

When the dark feels like a suffocating blanket that restrains and grips your soul I urge you friend to cry out. Cry out to the Father who wants to carry your burdens and sustain you. His arms are never-failing.

Life may feel overwhelming but do you not know your strength?


Keep steadfast and don’t stop your journey. For every night turns into morning. The light shines and your character is sharpened.

The refining painful but the result radiates a victorious light. It states that you have conquered. Remain in Him and watch yourself grow.

In your bleak times, the space where you’re squeezed into hardship, where the road seems like its winding down into deep canyons, the forest around you looms with shadows taunting your mind and teasing your soul, know child of God that you are never ever alone.


He sees every fearful and lonely tear fall down your cheek.

Are you calling out?

His mercy’s are new every day, His fresh grace poured out like a river reviving a parched land that was once barren.

Raise your arms and abandon yourself to praise for He is good all of the time.

Say no to life dictating your joy and say yes to his endless giving of it.

Emotions rise and fall like the waves of the ocean yet His love endures forever.

Cling to Him.

Kneel before the throne and position yourself in surrender-it is the most courageous position. It’s the art of losing your life in order to find it…

When the Father speaks, stand without fear or hinderance, place one foot in front of the other and go in His name.


Be resilient and resolute.

Resolute “Turn in a certain direction, to confirm, to set fast.”

The Greek word “Histaymee” to stand, continue, to make a covenant.

You will overcome…


Courage is not for the weak or faint hearted but rather for the determined, strong minded person who walks boldly into their numbered days with a God given strength.


5 thoughts on “Deep Rooted Courage

  1. Wow Hannah, you give me so much to think and pray about! Am praying for your family as you go through this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Hannah, the Lord has granted you the gift of communicating His Truths even in the midst of trial. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. We, as your church family will be praying for you and AB. I know He is faithful and will carry you through. God Bless

  3. You are dear Hannah to share your most vulnerable moments and thoughts with many (those you know and those you do not!). Thank you for inspiring us to push through our moments of trial, by sharing yours. Love, Crona

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