Soul Craving

It’s a soul craving that is yearning deep within today. The type that makes you feel unmistakably flat and slightly switched off as a part of the heart needs to be filled by the touch of heaven.

I feel the hidden dry canyon deep within needing to be flushed with the organic love of God.

I found myself driving along the freeway allowing thoughts to run a million miles in the wrong direction.

There’s a deep knowing that this servant girl should be holding her thoughts captive and reining in words tumbling around creating chaos but it’s hard to pick yourself up when dehydrated, parched and faint.

There’s a realisation as I pull my car up to a red traffic light, that our soul has a God shaped hole that needs to be consumed by Him alone.

When I perform in my own strength then there is an unpredictability to my character.

It rears itself when I speak. The tongue that would hold still in order to glorify Christ forms damning words hissing things that should never be spoken.

I become blinded and insensitive to the Spirit who beckons me to follow his lead from the moment I place my feet on the cold hard floor to the time I rest my head on the pillow at night.


I feel myself hardened to the Pastor I call Husband. My sin creating an obstacle towards the man who deserves a gentle & Spirit filled wife.

I allow ungodly behaviour to be entertained as the enemy smiles with delight.

The process is subtle yet subtly blinding.

Jesus showed me, showed us, that solitude with the Father is of utmost importance. A repositioning of the mind happens when creating uninterrupted space to lean into Christ and his goodness. Heavenly truth penetrates deep within my soul and I am reaffirmed as the King’s daughter.

Reaffirmed by His perfect love…Love that drives out all fear.

Reaffirmed that I am an intended child, filled with great purpose to fulfill that which only I was handcrafted to do…like you

Insecurities fade, unwanted behaviour shifts awkwardly as the place once welcoming suggests it leave at once.

Stand firm against the enemy, resist him and he flees like a coward.

Stand firm.Resist.Stand firm. Resist. Stand firm.Resist– Use it as a mantra.

When we hand ourselves over to Jesus without inhibitions or restraint he has permission to shine.

Do you see his splendor spilling out of you?

He radiates majestically and you find yourself in a place of peace that transcends all understanding.

The whirlwind I found myself being tossed around in quiets itself.

This world will demand you.

Dig deep and utilise the same power that rose a man from the dead and conquered sin.

Grab His gift and use it as a shield to navigate your next step…

Allow time everyday to commune with the King of Heaven, linger in silence and position yourself for His whispers. He has a unique message carved out for you to hear. Steady your heart and open your spirit.

Now listen…


3 thoughts on “Soul Craving

  1. digging deep to grab His gift, thanks for the reminder and encouragement! Thanks for the reminder of the resurrections power to change me now!

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