Organic Love

“I need to talk to you.” We stepped away from the activity and found a quiet spot. She didn’t look at me, I wished she had. Shame doesn’t have a place in friendship, in love.
I need to tell you that “I’m a drug addict and use heroin.” Just like that the words tumbled out of her mouth. My instant reaction was to use my training as a Welfare Worker but I just sat. She continued to stare into the distance. “I’m also a prostitute.” The words weren’t watered down, changed for acceptance but rather raw and stated.
She dissolved into tears and hid her face. I placed my arm around and her and allowed love to speak without words. There are times when the unspoken speaks louder than the spoken. She uncovered her face and drew back on her cigarette. She found the courage “I want to give it all up and I need your help.”
Phone calls were made and we drove to a rehabilitation centre. They centre were understaffed and asked if I would take her home to detoxify. I agreed. Information, emergency numbers and a package were provided.
I gave her my bed and drew the curtains. It didn’t take long for the uncontrollable shaking to start, sweat and intense pain to override her body. I could only watch, wipe her brow with a damp cloth and whisper encouragement during the quiet hours of the night when she moaned and cried wanting a way out.

The Pastor I call Husband in his gentleness loved her and did what he could but his eye’s showed helplessness.

It’s not hard to open your home when you look to the amazing man who walked earth for thirty-three years and provided lessons on how to agape love. Not the love that’s convenient and easy but rather the love that Jesus is. Deep, sacrificial, accepting and unfailing. The type of love that carries other people’s burdens. It’s genuine, organic and does not expect or demand a return.

His radical love must be shown through us, it’s not a choice friend but a command.

Selfless love hurts because you’re giving beyond yourself. You think less of your needs in order to meet the needs of others first. It bites into your time, changes dreams, costs financially, takes thinking and compels itself into action. It’s simple yet wonderfully complex.

Love dismisses prejudice thinking, abandons self-righteousness and scoops up the ugly wrapping protection around it. Love chooses to see the best in others. It accepts that there is always a story behind the fragile, the broken, the person that hurts others…
You know the old saying “Hurting people hurt others.” See their best and speak into their potential.

“Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body” Proverbs 16:24

This world groans for Christ followers full of love not full of us…

The upside down life looks crazy, but when there is less of you and more of Christ the unexpected can and will happen. Your surrendered heart opens the gate for heavenly love to be poured in so it can flow out. An uncluttered soul will hear the Spirit and can act. When ears are tuned into heavenly whispers then nudges are felt, insight given to show the Cross through love.

As Ann Voskamp once wrote “When Someone stops doing nothing and starts doing something, this is what starts to change everything. Do something.”

I urge you friend, to see someone today, a stranger, a friend, a family member and love them with the unexpected.

Source: via sally ann on Pinterest


3 thoughts on “Organic Love

  1. This is the first time I have read or heard something from you or, the pastor you call husband and not wised I could speak to you in person. I’m not ashamed to say, I’d cry if I spoke to you right now and if I wasn’t sitting behind my desk at work, I have been in tears reading your words.

    You claim your action as easy because of the example given by Christ, yet you’ve underplayed your willingness to follow.

    You are both legends of the game! Keep it up!

    • Wow mate, Thank you- I really and truly mean that. When we have each other spurring one another on then it helps so much. Humbled and grateful by your encouragement friend.
      A Thousand Blessings.

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